August 17, 2010

A Photographic Study of my Triplets.....

August 15, 2010

End of Summer Pics....

A group picture: From Left to Right, Addison (displaying her finest "Addi-Tude"), Delaney, Reagan, Ethan, Joel.

Reagan and Ethan

Out of 29 pictures, this was the only picture where Ethan was not making a goofy silly face!

My favorite Reagan pic.

A very "Reagan" face! :)

What's going on...

It's been a crazy summer, and I haven't blogged since March. I am going to give a summary of what's happening with each kid, and then add some pictures. I will go back to regular blogging tomorrow:

Reagan had the big news of the summer. On July 4th, Reagan began complaining of nasuea in the early evening. I had plans to take Reagan and Ethan to the fireworks on the shores of Lake Erie (we live within 3 miles of the beach). Around 9 I asked Reagan how she felt. She fibbed, wanting to go to the fireworks, and told me that she was fine. We went to the beach, surrounded by thousands of people, and about 5 minutes after the fireworks began Reagan had her first seizure. She collapsed, pupils fixed & dilated. She was completely limp. I thought she was gone. Ethan was screaming "Reagan DON'T GO TO HEAVEN!" "Don't go!". I had no cell phone reception on the beach, but we were lucky enough to be right beside 2 prison guards who DID have reception, and helped me move her to the pavilion, and called 911.

My brother-in-law just happened to be there, and came and removed Ethan from my side. I rode in the ambulance with Reagan to the hospital, where she had another seizure (though we still did not know what it was). She was transferred to a bigger hospital in Erie, and 2 days later, and after an EEG, we left with a confirmed seizure diagnoses.

On Friday the 8th we went to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, and they diagnosed her with what they called "a classic case of Epilepsy". She's now on Keppra and high dose Vitamin B6, and hasn't had a seizure since August 7th.

Reagan is going to be going into the 1st grade this year, She's REALLY excited about it!


Ethan graduated from preschool, and is heading into kindergarten. He's totally NOT excited. Unlike his sister before him, he is counting down the days with dread. He's a mama's boy and would be happy to stay with me forever.

His #1 reason for NOT wanting to go to kindergarten? He hates music, and doesn't want to go to music class.


Ethan loves baseball and star wars. The Thomas the Train obsession is over....passed on to his little brother.


Laney is in no way shape or form going to learn the potty....ever. UGH! She HATES taking her clothes off for any reason, including going potty. I am pretty frustrated about it, since she would be the easiest for me to potty train. She's very eager to please.....


We are making big strides in the potty department. I think that once the big kids are in school, and I have more time to focus on it...she will potty train very easily. She loves being a big girl, and is always taking her clothes off anyway. ;)


Joel is TRYING to talk more, but he's mostly unsuccessful. We have been told that "apraxia of speech" is the most likely diagnoses, but they are puzzled about his other symptoms including sensory issues and poor gross motor development. They want to wait until he's three to do more tests, likely an MRI. Believe it or not, Joel will most likely learn the potty shortly after Addie. He's very interested! Yeay!



Hi Everyone!

Guess who's back!

I had a great season of non-blogging, but I think it's time to get back to recording memories. I have a lot of catching up to be waiting for summer details! :)

March 8, 2010


Today is the FIRST long day of preschool! They do this for Kindergarten preparation. My glimpse into next year, and what it will feel like to "only" have 3 left at home.

It's quiet. I'm having an issue. I love hanging out with my buddy. Ethan loves to clean, and dance, and cuddle with mama. I miss him....and it's only 10 o'clock.

I know I will get used to it, I know I will. Until now, Ethan has been LITERALLY attached to me. He nursed for 2 years, I wore him in my famous sling forEVER. He didn't even want to come out! He was my 43 weeker, born only with a much needed induction. At almost 5 years old, Ethan is the one to help me with all the chores, and he always wants his "Cuddle with mama" time where we snuggle up on the couch and watch a favorite cartoon.

Man, I am going to miss him next year. Kindergarten registration is 3/25, and I am so so so sad. I know he will do well, but it's going to be a HUGE adjustment for me. :) My baby boy is growing up.

Speaking of, Holy GROWTH SPURT BATMAN! I put jeans on Ethan this morning, size 4 boys. I swear this same pair of jeans fit him last week! I had to take out the adjustable waistband, and they were a little too short! WOW!!!! Time for some new clothes. :) I wait for 2:45.

Some pictures:

March 2, 2010

Snow daze....

Wow. So it's been snowing...a LOT. Poor daddy has been shoveling and shoveling since the tractor is not turning the snowblower blades.

Reagan and Ethan had a snow day on Friday, and then they both had a day off on Monday, so it was an unexpected treat...a four day weekend! We went outside, made snowmen, baked carrot cake, watched "Avatar" and "Starwars" cartoons, played endlessly with My Little Ponies, and giggled with babies.

On Monday I had a conference with Reagan's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Daughterty, and (as suspected) Reagan is doing great. She's so sweet, and so polite, and tries so hard. She's made huge improvements in reading, and is even reading small books. We are so proud of her. She's also been taking piano lessons which she absolutely loves.

I can't believe that we are heading into the end of the year already. I ordered a yearbook, and Ethan has kindergarten registration on March 25. (!) Where does the time go??? I mean honestly, the days just move at a snails pace.....but the weeks as a whole are FLYING!

So, what's March bringing us? Joel has another appointment at CHoP on the 16th with neurology, Ethan has kindergarten registration, and both big kids have dental appointments. (yeay.) Is it possible that my BABY BOY is going to be in school soon!?!!?? Wow.

So that's the update for now.

February 27, 2010

Snowy Saturday

January 8, 2010

Triplet Pregnancy/Delivery (REPOST!)

This is a re-post of my triplet pregnancy/delivery story from a year ago. I am feeling nostalgic about this time in my life.... I hope you enjoy!

June 26, 2007: Triplets are diagnosed despite a previous diagnoses of twins. My hopes of having a 3rd vaginal delivery are dashed, and I am unsure of how I feel about having 3 babies at once. I am offered selective reduction, which is terminating one of the babies to "save" the other(s). I was told that I would deliver preterm, and the babies are at risk for long term problems. I am 7 weeks pregnant, and I decline selective reduction. I ask that they never bring it up again. I later discover that Joel would have been the "selected" baby for reduction.

August 2007: My doctor and I discuss the details of the pregnancy. HE tells me that I am a good candidate to carry triplets because of previously carrying a post-term elephant (aka: 10 pound Ethan) only 2 years earlier. He is confident that I can carry until 32 weeks, maybe even 34. I leave the office confident, and it's amazing at the difference one person can make.

September 2007: At a routine ultrasound it is determined that I am carrying 2 girls, and that baby C is a boy. I am delighted to have mixed genders. I make the firm decision to breastfeed the triplets after a lot of research. I nursed both of my older children, and this is something I am confident I can do. My friends decide to throw me a baby shower, but I register for no bottles, and no formula.

October 2007: I am growing more and more weak, and the anemia that I have with each pregnancy is starting to grow extremely severe. I start on extra iron, with no relief from the horrible fatigue.

November 2007: I am thrown a beautiful baby shower, and I am overwhelmed at the generosity of my friends. At the end of the month I am growing more and more weak, and I am not sure how long I can go on. I have gained 75 pounds so far.


December 2007: I am on modified bed rest, which is laughable when you have 2 preschoolers running around. My body aches, and I now have to crawl up the stairs to our bedroom. Josh is now in charge of all of the house hold duties including making dinner every night despite working all day. I can only eat tiny bites of food, but I have managed to gain 85 pounds. I have been hospitalized quite a few times at this point, but I have a cervix of steel and I never go into labor.

January 1-16th, 2008: My body is beginning to show signs that it's done being pregnant. The anemia is very bad, and I am so big that I am unable to move around. Every part of my body aches, but I want to hold on for as long as I can. During my last hospitalization Dr. W offers to deliver the babies on 1/17. My blood pressure is not dangerous at 130/80, but my baseline BP was 100/70 and she's a little concerned. I decline, and I am discharged for the final time on 1/16/08.

January 21, 2008: It's Josh's birthday. We have family over, and I am miserable. I am mean and irritable...and I feel like it's time to give up. I am over 35 weeks pregnant. I am now seeing spots, and aurora's. I am throwing up all the time, and I have gained a significant amount of weight in only a few days....I know that I have symptoms of pre-eclampsia, but I am stubborn. I stay home. After all, I have a doctor appointment in the morning.

January 22, 2008: My body fails. I go to the doctor only to find that I am in the throws of HELLP syndrome. I am also in labor. They want to make sure that the NICU is ready for us, so they schedule the cesarean for 9am in the morning. I am admitted to the hospital. They give me medication to help me sleep, and I yearn to kiss my kids....but they are 25 minutes away at home with Daddy. I am alone.

January 23, 2008: Things happen fast. I wake up @ 7:30 am and buzz the nurse. I feel wet. It is discovered that I am 5 cm dilated and Baby A's water has broken. All of the OR's are full. I have to wait. I call Josh, and tell him to hurry.

Suddenly the room is full of nurses, and doctors explaining the procedure, the anesthesia, and having me sign forms. I can't believe that it's actually happening! Josh is still not at the hospital, and it's time!!!! It's been almost 2 hours, and I want him there. The anesthesiologist comes in and gives me my spinal, and they lay me on the table. I am alone. Just before Dr. V grabs her scalpel, Josh walks in.

In what seems like eternity, but is actually only a few minutes Delaney is born at 9:51 am. They whisk her away, but tell me she's big for a triplet and seems to be fine. Addison is born at 9:52, and I get to see her for a moment before she's taken to a bassinet that is in the room. They have to yank on Joel to dislodge him from my ribcage, but within 45 seconds Joel is out at 9:52 as well. I do not get to see him either, but I am told that all 3 babies are over 5 pounds and that they all seem to be fine. They are all wheeled to the NICU, and I am taken to recovery. I am allergic to the Morphine in my spinal, and they give me another narcotic to counteract the Morphine. I remember nothing of the next few hours.

The NICU discharges the triplets after 15 minutes. They are too healthy to stay in the NICU. They are wheeled to my room.

Things start to go terribly wrong with me. I lost a tremendous amount of blood, my blood pressure rose to 210/120, and I am so swollen that I can't feel any of my extremities. I am started on high doses of a lot of different drugs. I find out that my liver is not doing well, and that things could get very bad if it does not turn around soon. I have blood transfusions. I am too weak to hold the babies, let alone nurse them. I ask for better pain management, and I receive a dilotid pump. I was not ready for the c-section recovery.

The days go by in a blur of activity and depression. I was expecting to be discharged in 3-4 days, but that turned into more than a week. I was not doing better. pressures started to drop, and the swelling was getting better. I was released home, with home health care.

The babies thrived. Addison and Delaney were assumed to be identical twins, and Joel the "spare" fraternal brother. It appears to us (now one year later) that they were wrong, and they are all fraternal. Joel had prematurity issues, and positional issues. He was stuck badly in my ribs. He had rib indents on his head, and his ear was folded in half. He would go on to wear a molding helmet for those issues. He was very very small for a long time, but as you can see now....he overcame the prematurity issues. Around 3 months old, Joel really started to become Joel as we know him today.

The rest is history. I can say without a doubt that being PREGNANT with the triplets was by far the hardest part of this journey. Happy Birthday Babies!!!!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how far you all have come this year!!!! (Happy Birthday Daddy!!!! You are well into your 30's now! HeeHee!)

Babies born in Litters.

So, our kids have a cousin....and she's adorable.

She was born on 10/30, and is the sweetest baby. So quiet, so happy,
so content.....and I am SO jealous!

It *almost* makes me want to have another baby, but not really.

Yes, Bella is adorable. What's adorable AND funny????

Another epic episode of,
"What's Ethan talking about?"

When Sweet Bella was born Ethan was very confused. His first question was,
"Where are the other babies?"
When I explained that his Aunt had only reproduced ONE baby, he shook his head in disbelief. I kind of smiled and said..."most people only have one baby at a time Ethan. You were born by yourself."

He shook his head and said, "NO, I was born with Reagan! I remember!" I explained that he was born on Reagan's first birthday, and that he was a year younger. He was born alone.

He continued to shake his head and mumbled, "Well, that's just too bad."

My kids think babies are born in litters.

January 6, 2010

What's Goin' On....2010 style.

It's raining ice. Seriously.

We live on the shores of Lake Erie, in Pennsylvania. We get a LOT of snow here. We have 20+ inches sitting out there right now. I'm used to it, I actually LIKE it, I live here...I CHOOSE to stay here, so we live with it.

But this morning it was drizzling ice balls. Awesome.

So I thought I would blog about life... just life in general.

I have dealing with some post-Christmas blues, something I have gone through every year for as long as I can remember. I *LOVE* Christmas, and I am so sad it's over. So, it's 2010...and I have no idea when that happened! It's crazy?!?!? Right?

2010 will bring me three two year olds ::ACK!::, a SIX year old ::gasp!::, and a new kindergartner! My sweet Ethan will be joining his sister at school in August.

I am also involved in a weight loss challenge that includes a bunch of my family members, and a couple of friends. We are going off of percentage of weight loss (think Biggest Loser), and the winner will have a lot of money to start his or her own new (skinnier) wardrobe! Each "contestant" had to submit $50 to play. Myself, I have a LOT of weight to lose...something I have struggled with since 2000. I have not been thin in 10 years, and I am ready to get back there again!

My actual New Year's resolution was to become more organized, which has been a life long struggle. I am starting with the closets, and working out. I am just DROWNING in kids clothes, and I need to get them all organized into boxes and labeled. I buy clothing on clearance, for any size that is bigger than what the kids are in now, that can be worn in the I really need a better system than what I have now (I don't HAVE a system, only chaos!).

(For any of my friends who read....if you need 12-24 month clothes (boy or girl!) PLEASE let me know soon. I will be making a trip to the Salvation Army and Once Upon a Child, but I would rather give it to friends who will benefit from them!)

So, in summary, 2010:

*I will have 3 two year old's
*I will have a SIX year old
*I will have a new Kindergartner
*I will lose weight
*I will become more organized

I am totally going to regret having this in print. haha.

January 5, 2010

Out of the mouths...

We are in the midst of a verbal explosion at our house.

Joel: "wow, oh, wow!", "car", and "my mama"

Laney: "I wub you!", "I wub you, too!!!", "NOooooo, Ooel!" (no Joel!), "I want up!", "I want cup.", and "momma, I poop...YUCK!"

Addie: "I have good book.", I lub good book", "I a good girl.", "I luv Laney", "where's Laney?", "noooooo Joe! (she means Joel)", "kiss Joe!", "I want wawa!", "I poo!!!", and the favorite, "I want up!!!"

Joel is doing great. He's had a huge explosion of words. He's gone from being non-verbal to having about 10 words/sounds that we can understand. I am so excited for him! He has an appt. In pittsburgh for an autism evaluation on February 11.

A pic of Addie with her, "good book":

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