January 6, 2010

What's Goin' On....2010 style.

It's raining ice. Seriously.

We live on the shores of Lake Erie, in Pennsylvania. We get a LOT of snow here. We have 20+ inches sitting out there right now. I'm used to it, I actually LIKE it, I live here...I CHOOSE to stay here, so we live with it.

But this morning it was drizzling ice balls. Awesome.

So I thought I would blog about life... just life in general.

I have dealing with some post-Christmas blues, something I have gone through every year for as long as I can remember. I *LOVE* Christmas, and I am so sad it's over. So, it's 2010...and I have no idea when that happened! It's crazy?!?!? Right?

2010 will bring me three two year olds ::ACK!::, a SIX year old ::gasp!::, and a new kindergartner! My sweet Ethan will be joining his sister at school in August.

I am also involved in a weight loss challenge that includes a bunch of my family members, and a couple of friends. We are going off of percentage of weight loss (think Biggest Loser), and the winner will have a lot of money to start his or her own new (skinnier) wardrobe! Each "contestant" had to submit $50 to play. Myself, I have a LOT of weight to lose...something I have struggled with since 2000. I have not been thin in 10 years, and I am ready to get back there again!

My actual New Year's resolution was to become more organized, which has been a life long struggle. I am starting with the closets, and working out. I am just DROWNING in kids clothes, and I need to get them all organized into boxes and labeled. I buy clothing on clearance, for any size that is bigger than what the kids are in now, that can be worn in the I really need a better system than what I have now (I don't HAVE a system, only chaos!).

(For any of my friends who read....if you need 12-24 month clothes (boy or girl!) PLEASE let me know soon. I will be making a trip to the Salvation Army and Once Upon a Child, but I would rather give it to friends who will benefit from them!)

So, in summary, 2010:

*I will have 3 two year old's
*I will have a SIX year old
*I will have a new Kindergartner
*I will lose weight
*I will become more organized

I am totally going to regret having this in print. haha.