March 2, 2010

Snow daze....

Wow. So it's been snowing...a LOT. Poor daddy has been shoveling and shoveling since the tractor is not turning the snowblower blades.

Reagan and Ethan had a snow day on Friday, and then they both had a day off on Monday, so it was an unexpected treat...a four day weekend! We went outside, made snowmen, baked carrot cake, watched "Avatar" and "Starwars" cartoons, played endlessly with My Little Ponies, and giggled with babies.

On Monday I had a conference with Reagan's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Daughterty, and (as suspected) Reagan is doing great. She's so sweet, and so polite, and tries so hard. She's made huge improvements in reading, and is even reading small books. We are so proud of her. She's also been taking piano lessons which she absolutely loves.

I can't believe that we are heading into the end of the year already. I ordered a yearbook, and Ethan has kindergarten registration on March 25. (!) Where does the time go??? I mean honestly, the days just move at a snails pace.....but the weeks as a whole are FLYING!

So, what's March bringing us? Joel has another appointment at CHoP on the 16th with neurology, Ethan has kindergarten registration, and both big kids have dental appointments. (yeay.) Is it possible that my BABY BOY is going to be in school soon!?!!?? Wow.

So that's the update for now.


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