August 15, 2010

What's going on...

It's been a crazy summer, and I haven't blogged since March. I am going to give a summary of what's happening with each kid, and then add some pictures. I will go back to regular blogging tomorrow:

Reagan had the big news of the summer. On July 4th, Reagan began complaining of nasuea in the early evening. I had plans to take Reagan and Ethan to the fireworks on the shores of Lake Erie (we live within 3 miles of the beach). Around 9 I asked Reagan how she felt. She fibbed, wanting to go to the fireworks, and told me that she was fine. We went to the beach, surrounded by thousands of people, and about 5 minutes after the fireworks began Reagan had her first seizure. She collapsed, pupils fixed & dilated. She was completely limp. I thought she was gone. Ethan was screaming "Reagan DON'T GO TO HEAVEN!" "Don't go!". I had no cell phone reception on the beach, but we were lucky enough to be right beside 2 prison guards who DID have reception, and helped me move her to the pavilion, and called 911.

My brother-in-law just happened to be there, and came and removed Ethan from my side. I rode in the ambulance with Reagan to the hospital, where she had another seizure (though we still did not know what it was). She was transferred to a bigger hospital in Erie, and 2 days later, and after an EEG, we left with a confirmed seizure diagnoses.

On Friday the 8th we went to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, and they diagnosed her with what they called "a classic case of Epilepsy". She's now on Keppra and high dose Vitamin B6, and hasn't had a seizure since August 7th.

Reagan is going to be going into the 1st grade this year, She's REALLY excited about it!


Ethan graduated from preschool, and is heading into kindergarten. He's totally NOT excited. Unlike his sister before him, he is counting down the days with dread. He's a mama's boy and would be happy to stay with me forever.

His #1 reason for NOT wanting to go to kindergarten? He hates music, and doesn't want to go to music class.


Ethan loves baseball and star wars. The Thomas the Train obsession is over....passed on to his little brother.


Laney is in no way shape or form going to learn the potty....ever. UGH! She HATES taking her clothes off for any reason, including going potty. I am pretty frustrated about it, since she would be the easiest for me to potty train. She's very eager to please.....


We are making big strides in the potty department. I think that once the big kids are in school, and I have more time to focus on it...she will potty train very easily. She loves being a big girl, and is always taking her clothes off anyway. ;)


Joel is TRYING to talk more, but he's mostly unsuccessful. We have been told that "apraxia of speech" is the most likely diagnoses, but they are puzzled about his other symptoms including sensory issues and poor gross motor development. They want to wait until he's three to do more tests, likely an MRI. Believe it or not, Joel will most likely learn the potty shortly after Addie. He's very interested! Yeay!




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