August 26, 2009

I can't believe it!

Yesterday, Tuesday, I took Reagan and Ethan out for one last fun day before school started. We went to Build-a-Bear, where Reagan made a Hello Kitty stuffed animal named, "Princess". She loves her, and loved the whole Build-a-Bear experience. Then we went to Coldstone Creamery, one of our favorite treats. Reagan had Pink Lemonade ice cream, and Ethan had Cotton Candy ice cream....both with gummy bears. Super healthy! I had Blueberry Muffin ice cream with Heath bar, and it was decadent and loaded with bad calories! Yum! Next we went to see the trains at the Lionel store, which was very exciting for Ethan. Then it was shoe shopping for Reagan, and a haircut for Ethan. Our final stop was Walmart where Ethan bought a Thomas hand held game, and I bought some last minute items for school.

On to this morning:

...and just like that, she's forever changed. She's in school, and life is different forever. I dropped her off, and she was so happy. Excited is a better word. She was very excited. Preschool prepared her well, and not one tear was shed. There were a few sad children, but most of them were happy and playing. I can't believe she's in Kindergarten. The years have FLOWN past us. I know she's going to have a fabulous year. She has a wonderful teacher, and is in class with her 2 best friends.

Here's a picture of Ethan's hair cut, and silly face.
He goes to his preschool class this afternoon, so I will blog about that tonight. :)