July 4, 2009

A wedding, and the 4th of July!

We had a wedding to attend today! Congrats to Erin and Josiah! I stayed with the babies, but Daddy, Reagan, and Ethan went. They had a lot of fun.
Then we had some fun with sparklers and backyard fireworks...nothing fancy:

Reagan and Ethan watching our "fireworks" they had a blast!

One funny story before I sign off for the night. Later this evening Ethan was OUT OF CONTROL crazy. I asked Daddy how out of diet Ethan got at the wedding. Of course I find out he was eating Oreo cookies....and YOU COULD TELL!!! He was flipping out and LITERALLY bouncing off the walls.

At one point he got so out of control that I set him in a time out to try and collect himself. When I got him out of time out, I explained to him that when he eats things, like Oreo cookies, they can affect his brain and the way he thinks...and that he should try to eat only "healthy cookies" that Mommy makes.

He shakes his head, looks at me funny, and says (shouts), "MOMMY! I FEEL THE COOKIES RATTLING UP IN MY BRAIN!!!!!"

That's my Ethan!