July 4, 2009

Product Endorsement: Multiples Edition

This is a product endorsement for MoM's (mom's of multiples) -or- MOMYS (mothers of many young siblings)....AKA, crowd control.

#1. The Superyard. It's a playpen....only bigger, and easy to transport. When I say transport, this thing can go anywhere. We have taken it to other homes, into our basement,'s fabulous. MY recomended age for this product would be from 0-12 months. Once they are walking they can really push this thing (especially with multiples). It's well worth the cash, especially if you go to alot of events. Do yourself a favor and BUY THE EXTENSION, especially if you have more than one child playing/sleeping in it.

#2. Ditch the highchairs! They take up too much room, and unless you live in know that space is valuable with many small children!!! Buy a booster chair. BUT.....make sure that the seat cushion is vinyl, or there is no seat cushion (preferable)! That sounds horrid, but trust me....if you don't buy something you can wipe down with a cloth, you will get REALLY sick of taking it off the chair and washing it all the time!!!! My recommendation: The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. It's cheap and easy to clean...can't do better than that combination! I know, this one does not recline...but remember that baby should not really be eating solids until they can sit unassisted anyway!

#3. Finally, the Boppy Lounger. I am a hands on kind of mom, but when you are caring for many young children, or multiples...sometimes it's necessary to put them down. I LOVED using this for a variety of things. Reflux babies LOVE this position. It REALLY helps. It helps for feedings, and also for quick bathroom breaks when you need somewhere to put a baby but there is no time for straps. (You mom's know what I mean!!!) My babies loved the lounger MORE then their bouncy chairs. I think it was more comfortable, and also gave them a better position. I HIGHLY recommend the point that if you had to choose -financially- between a bouncy seat and a lounger...go for the lounger! It's easier to wash too!!!