March 25, 2009

Our Atypical Day

First and foremost.....Please continue to pray for sweet Stellan and his family.

First we dropped off the cat for his neuter and declaw. Isn't it AMAZING how they find SOMETHING to charge you extra for? He has earmites, and instead of $145, it's going to be $213. FOR EARMITES. whatever.

Second, the baby girls had well baby exams. You will be happy to know that they are healthy. We finally made it to the 20 pound club, Laney being 20 pounds even. Addie being 21.5 pounds. Addie is 1.5 inches shorter than Delaney. They are on a delayed vaccination schedule and until today they have only recieved 2 DTaP vaccines. Today they got #3 along with HIB and pneumococcal. They were not ready:

On to Giant Eagle for some Vegetable Juice, I pretended to have twins, and no other children. I had no one stalk me....and a nice old lady told me, "I always dreamed of having twin girls!". ::snort:: if she only knew......:

Then I looked at my cell phone. I had 4 text messages from Josh that read: "FIRE" "There's a FIRE!" "There's a FIRE in the back yard" "The FIRE DEPT. is HERE!"

Ummmmm. OK. I leave for 2 hours and Josh burns down the house? Turns out the neighbors were secretly burning trash on a dreary Erie windy day and this is what happens when you play with fire:

Lucky for us almost ALL of the flames stayed in the neighbors yard. It was quite an education for Ethan who was home at the time. All he can talk about are the firemen! Thanks to the volunteers who came out and put out the flames before they burnt down our garage!

Since Josh was home there was something we had been wanting to document for a few weeks. Addie can get out of any harness. I wanted to take pictures of the process while Josh was in arm's reach. THIS IS WHY MY HAIR IS TURNING GRAY!!!! She can do this with any harness except her carseat, because of the chest clip. Josh was within reach at all times while "documenting" this.

And finally, here are some pictures of Joel and Delaney telling us that they have had's time for a nap. It's been an interesting morning.



You need to get a high chair with a 5 point harness. If you were closer to Pittsburgh I would give you one of ours. You would probably hate it because it has a cloth seat cover, but it would be harder to get out of. Maybe check your local second hand store.


I love how Joel just sits back and watches as little Addie sits on the table!
And I thought Alex was a dare devil!


Holy smokes! That fire came a little too close I think! Scary!

I can completely relate to pretending you "only" have twins. When I go out with just the little ones people always make comments about having my hands full. If only they knew... LOL

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