March 24, 2009

Teacher, Teacher

Sometimes I think I am too complicated.

I just sent a letter requesting a specific kindergarten teacher for Reagan. I never thought I would be that parent. I said I would never hover, never control....and I guess this is not really doing either of these things. I just don't want a reputation.

That's why I am having Josh drop it off.

Hahaha! Blame the over protective daddy.

Our little school has 2 teachers per grade, and while I won't be sad if she ends up with the other teacher....I was informed that you can only request up to 2nd grade. In 3rd they start rotating classes. (things have CHANGED!) Sooooo, I decided to take advantage. I am going to be THAT mother.

BESIDES.....there will probably be staff meetings about what to do with the triplets when the time comes. LOL. There are only 2 teachers per grade, so splitting them up is not an option!!!!



I was THAT mother also when my middle child started Kindergarten. Then I requested my youngest pre-k teacher & I'm so happy that I did. :)


I was "that" mother too. I am glad I did, my Ryan has had the best year in kindergarten. The Principle was not happy with me for doing it, but I held fast. We know our children better than anyone, and I was educated with the personalities of the teachers. I knew it would be a good fit. Since then I have been relatively quiet.


I am that mom. We have three teachers each grade. Some are know for structure, some are better with ADD, after being in the school you know the teachers that fit best with your kids. I wondered if this year I would request, but I thought why not, I don't get a reward if I don't... and unfortunetly the current teachers can't suggest to the principle, so I usually ask their current teacher who they think would fit best with each child. My kids don't know I do it... in case it doesn't happen. So I feel ok being that kind of mom.

Following Him

You are so not a "that" mother just yet. Wait and see if you hover and whine too. Go with what you want since you may have a choice!


I always make my hubby do the dirty work too - LOL.

Good luck with the teacher choice - it's so important during those early years.


Hoping for our own Peanut

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Sarah Robbins

I am a teacher; be that mother. You are the best advocate your child has! That is the role God placed you in, so do it with pride!

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