March 19, 2009

Got Laundry?

On Tuesday I went to Wegman's to do some grocery shopping. On the way out Josh yells, "Don't forget the Laundry Soap! I am doing the last load right now!"

ummm hmmm. I did not write it down, and I am engrossed in learning this Gluten, and Dairy free way of life. I forgot.

I got home, and Josh smugly says. "I KNEW you would forget it!"
To which I reply, "If you KNEW why didn't you text me?!!?!?!"

I digress. This is my laundry pile after 48 hours of no laundry going in or coming out. 5 kids change a LOT of clothes (plus one husband who changes after work...I think I am the only one who wears the same thing all day!)....Lucky for me Josh brought home laundry soap last night.

It's been one of those days. I have a head cold, Addie is screaming her brains out because she's getting teeth (and it's all drama with Addie...), Laney is attached to my hip with crippling separation anxiety, Joel has learned to climb INto the toy box, but can't get out....which makes him VERY mad. The big kids are picking on each other incessantly...which always seems to happen when I am at my weakest (Kids KNOW when you are vulnerable, then they kick you when you are down!). Now I have a pile of laundry on top of dinner, chores, poop, screams, tears, hitting, biting, yelling, complaining, potty, ..........

Tune in tomorrow. LOL. When I am feeling better I will tell you how beautiful Addie's curly hair is, or how sweet it is that Laney want's to "hug" me all day, or how neat it is that Joel is finally trying new things. I will tell you how amazingly sensitive and intuitive Ethan is, and how smart, funny, and beautiful Reagan is.....

but today I say.......CALGON, take me away.



Too bad Josh didn't bring home the Calgon with the laundry detergent :) I finally got Blogger to cooperate and was able to add your button to my sidebar! It actually worked too :) Thanks by the way for "joining" my blog!

Hope tomorrow is better. I had to bite the bullet and make Abby lay in her bed for "quiet time" because she was having one fit after another. I'm going to regret it tonight when she won't go to sleep until 10:00 but I am enjoying the moment now...

Savvy Little Women - Kate

Hahaha, oh that looks like my laundry pile!! I love that I'm not the only one!


I didn't know that you were on a GFCF diet. If you'd like a few suggestions on some good web sites and books, send me an email (stacy 321 @ and I'll email those to you. Cooking GFCF is a difficult thing to learn (because of our standard American diet), but it can be done! We have to avoid dairy here, and I am beginning to think that we have a gluten sensitivity/intolerance also, so I frequently cook/bake GF. Wegman's is a good place to find those specialty items, but don't forget the Whole Foods Co-Op also. Many ((hugs)). You'll adapt sooner than you think!

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