March 20, 2009

Final Word Friday: Octomom

I don't blog much on the weekend, so I am going to start doing a "final word Friday" where I blog something that's been on my mind. It may be about anything, parenting, weather, news, etc...and it's completely my opinions only, no facts. LOL. As always, feel free to express your opinion in the comment section without being.....dramatic.

For some reason everyone wants to know what my opinion is on Octomom. My opinion is harsh, so I am going to be polite as possible. I have never undergone the IVF procedure, but I am fortunate enough to have learned from many, many, many women what is involved in the process. When you belong to a group such as my triplet support group, you see many of the "failures" of IVF (I want to state that I don't consider multiple pregnancy a failure, but most reproductive endocrinologists are less than pleased with a triplet + pregnancy after IVF....hence my choice of wording). Multiples are NEVER the intention of fertility treatment, and nearly all IVF patients end up with a singleton pregnancy. The reason why you never hear about this is because of women like octomom give everyone the impression that if you do IVF, you will end up with a litter of children. The statistics state otherwise. The VAST majority (about 70%) end up with one baby, and 26% with twins. The other 3-4% are usually triplets.

She states that she did not want to destroy her embryo's, bravo to her....I would never either. Sometimes when you choose to do IVF you need to make choices. She was not ready to care for 8 more children, so she could have chosen to give her embryo's up for adoption.

I also can not believe that the clinic that she went to agreed to do IVF on a woman who was in her early 20's when she first started having the procedure, was un-married, and obviously unstable. There are ethical IVF guidelines, but they are not enforced.

What the general public needs to know is that Octomom is not the normal when it comes to fertility treatments. Most women who undergo the IVF procedure are married, have spent years and tears to get to that point, they have their own house, they have paid for the treatments (usually tens of thousands of dollars) without the help of a lawsuit payout. Most women do not transfer back more than 2 or 3, and after the transfer of the embryo(s) back into the uterus 50% of women will still see a negative pregnancy test. The 50% who get a pregnancy test that is positive will most likely carry a single baby to full term.

If you are curious about Embryo Adoption I URGE you to read and watch: Click HERE

Also, I have gotten used to being asked if I watch Jon & Kate + 8 (I don't), but this whole Nadya Suleman thing has me thrown for a loop.

Happy Friday!



I completely agree with your position. And I, too, got used to the question about Jon and Kate (and I don't watch it either), but I HATE people now asking me about this crazy octo mom. I almost feel like the inquired people are almost comparing me to her, which is soooooo wrong. ANyways, thank you for your thoughts!


I like Final Word Fridays.....thanks for sharing.
I am curious about the Jon and Kate thing. is there a reason why you don't watch? You just don't like the show? Aren't interested? Or is it something else....

Have a great weekend.
in HIM -

Christa @ Quintooples

Hello Mindy!
I have a few reasons why I don't watch J&K+8....
#1. I already live with many small children. TV is more of an escape for me (which is why I still watch soap-is Grey's Anatomy...LOL) so I don't need to watch MY reality on TV.

#2. Kate.

#3. When the show first started it seemed innocent enough. Day in the life of twins and sextuplets. Interesting, but now it's all about free trips, and nothing about normal life at all. Actually, the last episode I watched was plain boring.

#4. Kate.

I know about GWoP, and the claims about child neglect...I don't really follow any of that. I DO feel terrible that the children have camera's following them everywhere, and I do hope that the show ends SOON before the sextuplets are permanently damaged...

MY opinion only.

Following Him

Okay Christa...THANK YOU for posting your thought on Octamom...I do too know many women who have struggled for years and finally have miracles in their life. My opinion about Octamom is not great/PG, so I am working on a way to communicate them nicely. You did a great job :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut

oh, octomom. she HAS given ivf a bad name. she acted totally irresponsible. i think she did it all for the fame. i hope the press goes away soon and she sees how "fun" life is.

Surviving Triplets

Hi Christa! In response to your comment on my blog :), I should be able to ship you a beautiful cake in August!



I agree on both points - I don't watch John & Kate for all the reasons you stated and I'm really, seriously tired of all the questions. And I do wish people understand how few HOM's there are out there and that it isn't the norm with IUI or IVF!!

But we love our triplets anyway :)

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