March 23, 2009

So, It's Monday....

I am taking a hiatus from NOT ME! Monday for this week.

I just thought I would do a little updating on the family...

Reagan: Incredibly excited about the thought of Kindergarten. She's not so excited about preschool these days, and wants to go to the "big school" so so so badly. We have a birthday coming up for Miss Reagan....I can't BELIEVE that my first baby will be five in a month.

Ethan: He's been incredibly whiny, and very clingy in the past few days. We are unsure of what is going on with him. He's very socially akward, but he shines when he's around his family...and this kind of behavior is very unlike him. I am actually worried about him, and I am watching for signs of illness because he is normally so sweet and even tempered. Mr. Ethan also has a birthday coming up next month....4 years old!!!

Both big kids have been working really hard on their sticker charts at home, and have completed the required 125 stars in order to pick an activity and a toy. They want to see a movie, and of course....there are no appropriate movies in the theaters right now. I am thinking Chuck E. Cheese, and a trip to the zoo on a warm day instead (if the warm days come!)

Delaney: She's just so so so so so so sweet. I think God made her out of sugar and maple syrup. Honestly, she's a joy. She is the most sensitive of the three right now. She has a severe attachment to me, which is sweet....but I have a hard time putting her down. The separation anxiety is almost crippling to her. If I am out of sight....she's screaming. I love the sling. She is so sturdy on her feet now, although she is just so 14 months she is still hovering between 15/16 pounds despite the whole milk and pediasure.

Addie: GRAY HAIR ALERT. This child is CRAZY. She seems to be double jointed, and can *literally* get out of ANY harness, except her carseat because of the chest clip. We can't even leave her in the booster chair/highchair for 5 SECONDS because she will wiggle, and bend her way out of the straps and stand on the table. It does not matter how tight the straps are....she can get out. She can climb half way up the baby gates, and up onto the furniture. She's a monkey. She has a very wobbly walk and her ankles seem to be really weak, but that does not stop the dynamo. She runs and walks, and falls down and gets right back up. If there was one word to describe Addie it would be DETERMINED! If there were 2 words, Determined & Spicy. LOL.

Joel: He's making progress. You can see the other blog about all the details, but the new diet seems to be making huge leaps for Joel. I think he has some severe food sensitivities. He's still breaking out in rashes almost daily...but they are less severe. I think it may even be from our water? Anyway, he WAVED at Josh today. I know that seems like nothing for a 14 month old, but for's a HUGE leap of progress. The tantrums have subsided to almost normal, and he smiles and giggles, and seems so much more interested in not only us, but also his siblings. This has been a BIG, big, big leap of faith for us to do this diet, but we feel it's what Joel needs. So far, so good.

That's about all for now. I have more things to share, but I will save it for another day. For now, I need to get moving. I have a lot I need to accomplish in a short amount of time.



Hi Christa,
I love reading your blog. Your kiddos are just so cute, and your posts are wonderful. I just wanted to let you know a little bit of info on your little Ethan (I hope he is not getting sick). I have 3 boys and when my 2 older ones turned 4 (or came close to turning 4) they turned into completely different children. Not in a nice way...they talked back, threw tantrums, hit, yelled, just generally rotten little devils. I think it is a 4 yr old boy thing, because as the turned 5 they went back to being sweet little mommy's boys. Good luck with him, and I can't wait to see how things come along with Joel. God bless

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