March 19, 2009

Endorsements: Tips for starting sippy's, & Games

When I told everyone that I threw out every single bottle we owned when the babies were 11 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days old the first question I am asked (if they are the mother of a bottle fed infant) is, "How did you do that?" Gerber Graduate Sippy Cups. They have a curve to the body of the cup to aid with tipping, a slightly soft spout, and handles. I started them at 7 months just playing with them. I moved up to the next stages until we finally moved to regular sippy cups. I really liked these sippy cups, and I recommend them if you are in that transition.

They are also BPA free! That was important for me, as was not a fan of buying yet more plastic products that were coming from overseas.

The next product is actually NOT for babies, it's for preschoolers. It's a GREAT first game....or to add to a collection of games. It's called "Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That! The ages state 4-8
years old, but realistically I would say ages 3-6 is more appropriate. This would also be a fantastic game for children with special needs. It gets everyone on their feet, and requires a LOT of interaction. Basically, you are instructed to do some wacky jumping 3 times with a ball under your right arm. It builds confidence, and we have a ton of fun playing this game.

Apparently.... we are not the only ones who love this game. It's won a ton of parenting awards, so don't take my word for it! The KEY to this game is parental interaction. The sillier, and more animated you are, the more fun you will have.

A TIP: If you do play this game, and you have young children...take out the STOP cards. They get very annoyed with them.



I will have to try those sippy cups. My youngest is 16 months and is adamently refusing to give up the bottle. I have tried just about everything! My first son quit the bottle at 8 months, so who knows what the deal is!

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