March 18, 2009

Wednesday's Walk: The Job/Cult

I was in a funk, and was trying to make ends meet while I was in school. I was looking for a job to fill in some gaps of time that I had at night. I loved animals so I applied at a local boarding facility. They boarded all kinds of animals, including cats and dogs. They also had a little mini farm, it seemed perfect for me. I would be working from 7 p.m. until I was finished feeding, and cleaning up all of the animals.

The job lasted exactly 3 hours.

I showed up, and they took me around the farm. Little things here and there should have tipped me off, but being desperate for money I just mistook the owner as being a bit TOO obsessed with the animals. I was only to talk to them in a certain tone of voice, the lights had to be at a certain setting as to not disturb the dear little kitties....etc.

Ok, whatever. I'll do it, it's HER place...and I am the employee.

Then it happened. At the end of the tour, and an hour of me mucking stalls (which ended up being free!) she stuck it too me. Every Thursday there was a mandatory staff meeting.....where we would update each other on all of the animals, meditate, and burn incense.

I must have looked at her like she had 2 heads. HUH???

That's when she said, "When you work here, you are a part of a family. This is what our family does."

I said, "Sorry, I have my own family. If this is mandatory I am afraid I can't work here."

On my way out I looked at the sign in the lobby that I had been ignoring for hours, It was a picture of a woman holding the Earth. I told Josh about it later, and we figured out that they were Gaia worshipers. I am so SO glad that God was guarding my heart that night.

Of all the bizarre work experiences I have had, that takes the cake....though working 3rd shift at a hotel has it's share of sordid tales as well....

P.S. If you are curious, I did report the incident. I have no idea if anything came of it, as I told them that I did not want my job back- nor did I want to press charges. That said, no one should be forced to worship anything against their will to hold a job. The facility is still open, and they love animals SO's probably the best place to leave your pet. LOL.


Sarah Robbins

Wow! I worked at a facility for girls with eating disorders for one short night in college. It was a similar experience. Yikes! Praise God for showing us truth and being the God who never changes like shifting shadows. A good reminder of the misled people in the world who need our Savior.

Lynnette Kraft

Weird! That would have totally creeped me out!

By the way, I didn't realize you found me on MOMYS! That's cool! I need to get on there more - but I enjoy my blog so much and I don't have a lot of extra time - you know what I mean? Do you do much on there these days? I miss everybody there.


Yikes! That is quite a story! Glad that the animals are well taken care of!


My gracious! I can't even imagine! I bet that was very very awkard for you!


Yikes! That's crazy.

I have a quick question. I am trying to add your button to my blog and after several attempts blogger finally let me do it but when I clicked on it it said the link was broken. I removed it thinking maybe I didn't copy the entire thing but now blogger is messing with my mind again and I can't get it on. Do you know if anyone else has had a problem getting your button to work?

Christa @ Quintooples

Hey Staci! Thanks for letting me know! I will work on it!

Christa @ Quintooples

OK, the blog button should be working now!!!! Thanks for letting me know!


Wow! What a weird experience. I am glad that God alerted you to be wary of the situation.

When we are tuned in,..he does direct us, and we need to follow His leading.

Cults are scary, and they draw in many unsuspecting people.

Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks for sharing your experience. If we allow Him, God will often speak to us "in a still small voice."

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul

Thank you for sharing such a quirky memory! It made me smile to think of someone actually thinking you would become part of the 'family' by having a job there!

Pamela in TX

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul
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Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts

Christa, certainly bizarre! And hey, I worked 3rd shift at a hotel as well!

Mrs. Hammer

That is SO creepy! They really should have mentioned that in the flier if it was a mandetory part of the job so people could realize what they were walking into.


That is really funny!

We have a woman who helps run the animal rescue group that I volunteer for who is probably nuts, but she loves those darn cats. I would trust any of my kitties with her, but don't think I would head out on the town with her, but she loves those animals!


Whoa...that is so weird! I've never heard of such a thing! I'm glad you got out of there!

I love your new blog layout!!


Creepyness aside, that was a funny ending to your story! Too bad the stalls got mucked for free though!

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can understand that this situation creeped you out, as this lady sounds a little strange. However, meditation is not always something to be afraid of. It can bring great clarity and insight, like prayer. I've never much liked incense though, not a calming smell to me.
BTW, this is my first time visiting your blog, and your kids are adorable!

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