February 25, 2009

An Unfair Advantage....

It's 7:00 p.m.

Hubby's still working, dinner's been fed. I hand out instructions:
"Reagan, time for PJ's!", "Ethan, go potty and wash up!"

They do this every night, but tonight is different. About 1-2 times a week I do it all by myself at night. They know I am alone, the ratio, at 5:1, is completely unfair.

The babies are a MESS, and they are crabby. Bedtime is 7 on the dot, and every second past 7 Joel gets more and more nasty. He likes his sleep. I grab the washcloth and begin the process of washing their faces.

It's quiet upstairs.

In a panic, I yell...."Are you OK up there???" The reply, "Yes Mommy! We are brushing our teeth!!!" Relief floods the body, and I continue my work.

Finally I have Joel upstairs. I see that Reagan is still not dressed, but this is takes her forever to get ready. I remind her that it's almost game time, and she needs to get dressed before we play "Go Fish". I hear Ethan's toothbrush running, so I assume that he's brushing.

Addison is in overload mode when I get to her. She's beyond exhausted, and is saying "ALL DONE! ALL DONE!" Addie always says this when she's had enough of anything. I quickly dress her and whisk her up to her crib. Laney is happy, so I decide to keep her up for one on one time.

I go to get the kids for game time......

I walk near the bathroom and I hear gasping, "Oh no Buddy, she's coming.....get the towel!"

My stomach hits the floor. We JUST re-did this bathroom. It's one of the only nice things in our house.

I walk in to see that Ethan, who has a water obsession, dumped a cup of water on the floor so that he could play with a toy boat.

Reagan dumped all of the wet bath toys on the floor, and took all of the battery operated toothbrushes out of the holders and turned them on....for fun? Which explains why I heard the toothbrushes going.

Ethan had painted his belly with Avon Bath Paint, and put his PJ's on over top. Reagan thought it was the height of hilarity to give herself a green foam beard using Pampers Foaming Hand Soap.

I was in so much horror that I forgot to take one of my famous, you-are-in-so-much-trouble-now-pose-for-the-camera pictures.

We did not play "Go Fish."



sounds a lot like my night last night, but i only had four mischief makers.


Bet this is one of the nights you remember most fondly when they are grown up (you know, in that distant future where you have enough sleep and they are independant). Thanks for sharing!

Lucco Girls

Haha! I love it. You love it too...but you can't tell THEM you love it.


Yesterday must have been the day for boys & beards...mine painted a beard on his face with diaper cream! And yes, I also forgot to take a picture!

Karin Katherine

Oh we have all been there...and by we I of course mean mothers of multiples. Glad to have "discovered" your blog

Hoping for our own Peanut

its funny you mention that you couldnt stop having babies. i have the GUT feeling that i will have a 3 month old after struggling to concieve for 2 years..and somehow end up pregnant. we were planning on having kids 2 yrs apart, but i dont think there will be birth control used in our house..EVER!


came across your blog on my BlogFrog...oh, the memories. I had 4 kids in under 3 oldest was 2 1/2 when I had my triplets. That was 10 years ago :) We've since added a little toddler beauty from China and think we're done! Check us out if you get a chance...I'll be back here to read more!

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