February 27, 2009

Foto Friday: Fabulous, Fraternal, and Firsts

Laney's been walking for 3 months, so no news....just a cute "sucking my fingers" picture. Here are some wobbly first steps from both Joel and Addie. Addie had an accident involving drunken first steps and a heating vent. :( Poor thing. (see nose)

In other news, we confirmed what I have thought all along. The girls are not identical! It's official. They are all fraternal triplets. It's kind of obvious....Addie has curly hair and Delaney's is pin straight. The doctors who insisted that the girls were identical were wrong.....and we have the DNA to prove it! It' s hard to tell because ALL of our kids look a lot alike. All 3 of my girls will probably be mistaken for each other when they get to be teenagers, unless Addie keeps that adorable curly hair! Short bodies, brown hair, and blue eyes...... they all look a bit alike anyway.

Speaking of hair color, Joel finally has enough to determine that he will have mousy BROWN hair (same color as Reagan's), which leaves Ethan as our only blonde kid. His hair gets darker each year, so who knows.

Here are some sweet wobbly first steps pictures. Both Joel and Addison decided that 13 months was the time to start walking. They are both still very unsteady, but they get better every day.

You can see below how different Addie and Laney are growing. Laney is taller than Addie. Addie has the curly hair, and I thought these pictures were so cute!!!!!!

Finally, I have a picture of ALL 5 kids crammed into our family physician's room yesterday as he looked at yet another mysterious rash that Joel has. It looks like Dermatologist time......:(

Yes, Ethan is tied to the stroller. Don't lecture me. LOL. Until you have 3 babies, and 2 preschoolers (one of which has selective hearing and likes to bolt into traffic)......don't judge the crazy woman who has so many children that she does not know what to do. (Except tie her unruly kid to the stroller)

At least it's one of the cute bear backpack/harnesses.....right????? :)



LOL I finally understand that nursery rhyme ;)

Congrats on being right on their fraternal-ness! It's pretty obvious to ME and I only see the pictures of them.


No comments from me on the "leashing" I was one of those moms who judged until she had to do it. When you have to choose between nasty glares from idiots who don't understand and your kid's safety, you do what you have to do. =) And I love the B&W of the backs of the 3 kids. One of my fave pics of my kids is of their backs, go figure.


I recently stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying reading from you! You have an adorable family.


They are all so adorable! I wish I could leash my one so I pass not judgement here! Have a great weekend!


I have the exact same leash! I also have the monkey leash! My 4 year old STILL loves wearing them both. I rarely get nasty comments about leashes. Most people think they're fabulous. I love them especially because my 4 year old son has a tendency to wander off, and we actually lost him at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans once (we found him at the playground).

Anyway... leashes spell safety to me! Go you for making sure your children are safe!

the smiling fat girl

what a beautiful family of children. i don't think there's anything wrong with tying your kid to the stroller... go mom! you rock!!


Christa @ Quintooples

what a beautiful family of children. i don't think there's anything wrong with tying your kid to the stroller... go mom! you rock!!


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