February 28, 2009

More endorsements!

Little Twig: Baby Body products. These are WONDERFUL. Some of them are scented, but you can also get them unscented. These products contain absolutely NOTHING yucky.
*phthalate free
*paraben free
*mineral oil free
*nut, soy & wheat free
*no synthetic fragrances

I use this on all of my kids, but as you know....Joel is allergic to a TON of stuff. He is in no way, shape, or form even sensitive to this product!!!! It smells fresh and real, and we LOVE it. We get our supply at our local Wegman's store, but if your local grocery does not have the Little Twig products check them out HERE.

Amby Baby Bed: This product is absolutely AMAZING. I wanted to try this product out SO bad, but with 3....yea. I never got the chance. I HAVE SEEN IT WORK MIRACLES with my own EYES!!!! I witnessed a horribly colicky baby sleep through the night on the first try with a combination of the Miracle Blanket, and the Amby Baby Bed. If you are a first time parent, I have nothing but GLOWING reviews of this product. I only wish that I had been able to use one myself.

From the website:

What makes the Amby so unique?

3-D motion simulates womb environment. The Amby bed hangs from a spring, so every time baby moves or stirs in his sleep, the bed gently moves up and down, back and forth, and side to side. This is the same motion that baby cherishes both while in the womb and when you carry baby around in your arms.

Calms the restless sleeper. Some babies toss and turn throughout the night when they sleep in a motionless crib. The natural Amby movements give baby a more restful night’s sleep.

Helps babies with Reflux. The slightly upright sleep position of the Amby minimizes painful acid reflux that can frequently waken baby when sleeping flat.

Fits conveniently next to your bed for easy access to baby. Parents can easily bring baby into bed for nighttime feedings when needed, without having to get out of bed. Baby can easily spend part of the night in bed with mom and dad.

Helps babies nap longer. The Amby is also perfect for helping the “short napper” get a nice long nap that both baby and you need.



Thanks for recommending the amby bed! We coslept exclusively with our first and it was great, but now we're wondering what we'll do when #2 comes along... not really room for 4 of us in bed when our toddler is HUGE and will surely come snuggle sometimes.


My SIL wants one of these so badly. Good to hear it will be worth the purchase. Thanks!

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