January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not break down sobbing in front of my 2 oldest children while reading "Love You Forever" as a bedtime story. I did not sob uncontrollably as Josh laughed at me. I did NOT look at my 2 kids and lose my breath at how fast time has gone since they were sweet little babies. My heart did not break a little as I remembered that I will never again cuddle my very own newborn baby.....nope. I am NOT a baby addict! NOT ME!!!!!!

My husband DID NOT make fun of this, one of my favorite stories, because the mommy in the story is a bit of a stalker. I mean she does drive from her house, across town, and breaks into her grown sons house to have some cuddle time. It's a little creepy, even for me....who is addicted to cuddling with her kids. THIS IS STILL one of the most endearing stories, and Josh TOTALLY DID NOT make fun of this book!!!! Not He!!! (cute twist?)

Finally, I did NOT break 2 of my resolutions (AT THE SAME TIME!!!) that I swore not to even make this year. I did NOT watch Grey's Anatomy while eating a (small? smallish???) bag of generic, old Christmas candy bought 75% off from WalMart. I did not yell in horror that Dead Denny is STILL on MY TELEVISION!!! I did NOT cry that I did not have a new episode of The Office to distract me from the horror of what Grey's Anatomy has become. I also did NOT realize that I am too addicted to television....NOT ME!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! :::grin!:::

Not Me! Monday was born out of a desire to admit some of our imperfections and reveal a few moments we'd rather forget. 

Why? Well, for one, because it's just plain fun to pretend that we really did not do the things that we actually so did do. And, two, because reading through great tales of other people's Not Me! Mondays each week is a great way to level the playing field. We're all human, we all take embarrassing shortcuts, and so we may as well show each other that we're all in good company!”


Complicated Mama

They really do grow up too quickly...I think my second is getting bigger waaay waaay faster than my 1st too!.... Every day I plead with her to STOP .. or at least SLOW DOWN... but even at just 4 months old... shes already defying her mother. lol

Love your Not-me-Mondays SITSta! :)

I didnt do one this week, and had to take down a few of my old ones (good ones too! lol) because a family member found my blog... Kinda takes the therapy out of the not-me-monday confessionals when your honesty has to be edited lol so frustrating! lol


i cry at that book too! oh wait i mean i do NOT cry at i'll love you forever :o)


First time I've stopped by. I'm always interested in blogs of mamas who have many young ones. I'm there too.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy

I'm also not a Gray's addict and do not cry at that book. our pastor once read it during a sermon, I cried then and wasn't even a mom yet.

Tanna's Triplets

Let me just saw I HATE that book. I makes me cry every time!!!!


I am not disgusted with this season of Grey's Anatomy either. I do not think it's jumping the shark. ;)

Danny Lucas

As soon as I saw the book cover for "Love You, Forever", the memories flowed. I know this entire book by heart!

There was a wall of books for my children at bedtime. They could choose what they wanted read to them....our way of slowing down the end of the day.

This book was pulled out every night, and the pages turned with glee.

I made up a melody to sing to my daughters for the refrain:
"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always...
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be".

There is no tune to the song; I made it up.

But music does an amazing stitching of hearts together. The moment I begin singing that stanza aloud, my college age girls become like two year olds all over again. They love to hear that sung as if the mom was rocking "back-and-forth, back-and-forth, singing "I'll Love You, Forever".

I encourage you to make a melody of your own. Do not worry of your singing ability. I am deaf and have no clue how it sounds.
But the ears of my girls know those notes, ....
and the love those notes sung aloud still hold, ...forever.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama

Hi, I am a new SITSta and a NMM regular :-) Yours were hilarious and I totally relate to the baby addict thing- I regularly borrow my friends babies because I'm done having minev LOL

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