January 13, 2009


Reagan's preschool had a day 50 party at school. They celebrated the fiftieth day of school by having a 50 party. Clever. The kids were asked to bring 50 of something. Anything really. I was thinking something along the lines of 50 crackers, 50 pieces of popcorn, snacking foods. I guess this is proof that I eat too much. Reagan looked at me with a weird look and said..."No way Mommy! I want to take 50 ponies to school!" She meant 50 full sized My Little Ponies. I reminded her that she only has 34 full sized My Little Ponies. We would have to combine them with her Ponyville Ponies. She has 25 of those. (She only likes to play with the little Ponyville Ponies anyway, so I am not sure why this was an issue...) I guess at the ripe age of 4 1/2 she determined that it would be silly to have different sizes of ponies. Miss Reagan determined that it would only make sense to mix her Ponyville toys with her Littlest Pet Shop toys, because they are the same size. This is when it finally occurred to me that Reagan is incredibly spoiled, she had way more than enough Littlest Pet Shop and Ponyville toys to make 50. I don't intentionally spoil Reagan, but the REAL issue here is that I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I am so glad I have a kid who loves My Little Pony! I loved them too, and I never pushed her in this direction....but I am having a BALL playing with her!!!!

Josh makes fun of me....but we will see what happens when and if Ethan decides he wants to play with G.I. Joe's someday.......

On another note I just want to add that Reagan is SUCH a great kid. I had a lot to get accomplished yesterday, and Reagan actually took the time to notice that Mommy was really busy, and the babies were really crabby. (note: Delaney was crabby because Mommy was not holding her in the sling anymore!) She took it upon herself to play with the cranky baby(ies). They adore her, so it worked out perfectly. Reagan also cleans up after herself, and is just the sweetest little girl. I just wanted to say for the record what a totally awesome little girl she's growing up to be. I am really proud to say that she's mine, and I thank God EVERY single day that he allowed me the privilege to be her protector, and mentor. I just pray that I am blessing her life as much as she blesses mine.


Nicole O'Dell

I love My Little Pony too, but so far no one has taken an interest here. I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake...


My Reagan would love your Reagan... Mine turns three in April, so we haven't accumulated quite the collection that you have yet. But trust me, I may have you beat in the spoiling department as an excuse to relive my own childhood... I understand completely!

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