December 29, 2008

My thoughts about 2009

(The Christmas tree picture was from Christmas morning before the gifts were opened.)

It's a good morning! Thanks to my friend who brought over her cloth diaper stash for me to borrow!!! :) I have a ton of prefolds and covers, but it was really nice to put some pocket diapers on them this morning. Addie is sporting a white Fuzzi Bunz with her rainbow Baby Legs. :) I am havinga pretty good morning. I got some new car insurance! That's always fun. I am feeling really on top of things today. Christmas is over and I am starting to gather up my goals for the new year. On my lists of priorities #1 is getting our finances back under control. The babies will be using much less formula, and I will be using only cloth during the day again. Hopefully we can get things in order, and have some money in savings again! I am also working on getting healthier. This has been on my list for sometime now, but has been interrupted by pregnancy several times. I no longer have that excuse!

2009 will bring me 3 one year olds, a 4 year old, and a FIVE year old! We are soon coming to a decision on kindergarten...and I think we will be surprising a lot of people. That will be announced formally late in the spring. I am also hoping to put in a massive garden this summer. I want to start a lot of my plants from seeds this year we will see how that goes. I am excited about the changes that this year will bring. No new babies, but lots and lots of new things going on this year.



WOW! Is that really Regan on the left side? She sure does look old! They grow so quickly...the years go by quickly by the days go by slowly...
Good luck with the goals! And good for you with getting healthy. It is a constant "in progress" for me!


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