November 7, 2008

Book Review: Romancing Your Child's Heart

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We have all done it..... As (informed) parents we read and read about raising children. I have read so many books on the subject -From Dr. Sears, to Ezzo, and from Love and Logic, to Raising Godly Tomatoes- that it's all jumbled up in my brain. I have pretty strong opinions on the subject, as you can probably tell from my link list of books to read.

There is a book that I can not recommend more highly than Romancing Your Child's Heart~By: Monte Swan. It's not really a parenting book, more like an understanding of a child and a compilation of ideas on how to capture your child's heart before the world, and their peers can lay claim to it.

There is not much in the book about discipline, punishment, parenting a baby, or any of the other main topics of most guides (We have enough of those!!!). I firmly believe that EVERY parent should read this book, just as a reference. Out of any book I love, this is my favorite. My whole list of parenting books is at the bottom of the blog, but I wanted to be sure to point out that I consider this the best. Five Stars!!!!

If you want to check it out click here: Romancing Your Child's Heart.



I am going to have to pick that book up. thanks!

The Hamm Crew

Thanks for sending me this way! If you dont mind, I want to add your blog to my blog lists.

Thanks again

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