November 6, 2008

Pr. 11:12

I am a holiday fanatic. It's probably out of control, but I am married to a holiday we drive each other to holiday excess. Starting in November it's 100% holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year....we can't get enough.

Yep, I have started my Christmas shopping, and planning. I am working on my Thanksgiving menu (I LOVE to cook so this is just the perfect time of year for me!), and Mr. P is working on the Christmas lights (outside).

The one thing I like the best about the holiday season is the way that people act and feel. I am a people watcher, and most people have a glow about them during the holiday's. They are kinder, and just generally in good spirits (sans Black Friday!).

We are not yet in the swing of the holiday season, but I was thinking how wonderful it would be if we all were kinder to our fellow man in all of the seasons. This verse was brought to my mind:

A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue (Pr. 11:12)

This is something I struggle with. I can be very cranky and snide at times. Most of my friends and family know that I am not to be taken seriously most of the time, but I really need to remember that I may come off as rude and snotty sometimes. Just because I am being sarcastic does not mean that the other party understands that I am being sarcastic. I need to work on just being *nice!

I have an example of this. I get a lot of comments about the babies, and 99% of the time they are wonderful comments that lift my heart. This means that 1% of the time I get not-so-nice comments. I have examples of two extreme conversations that I have had with virtual strangers.

#1. When we were visiting my great-Grandmother in the nursing home one of the nurses aids engaged me in conversation. Part of the conversation went like this, Her: "Are the babies real or are they artificial?" Me: "I am pretty sure they are real!" Her: "That's good." "My son and daughter are both divorced, and neither of them have kids. I am SO glad they don't have kids. OMW, I would kill them if they had kids." I looked at her in bewilderment, and she must of noticed how confused I looked because she states, "There really is no reason to have children in this day and age. We are way too over populated, and I think it's selfish to bring this many children into the world." She walked away.

I was in SHOCK. I know I should have talked to the charge nurse....but honestly I just felt so SO badly for this woman who felt this way. How sad to not understand that God is going to provide for His children!!!!! I kept my mouth shut. I was angry, but mostly just sad.

#2. We were in Macy's yesterday with the whole crew. We were stopped by an elderly black woman, and I expected another, "You have your hands full" comment (which is a fine comment! I am not complaning about it, even if it does get a little old after a while!). She was different though. She just stared and stared at the babies. When she looked up she had tears in her eyes, and she says, "God has blessed you! They are just precious. Are the older children yours too?" I reply with a "yes", and she goes on to say "I have 9 children, and 19 grandchildren so far. Children are such blessings!" As she walked away you could hear her saying "Praise Jesus!"

I can not fully explain in words how much that meant to me. I actually wrote it down in their baby books. This woman blessed me in a way she will never understand. How wonderful it would be if all of the words that we spoke were as God inspired as what came out of her mouth yesterday. The words we say have so much more impact on people than we will ever know. I am praying that God will use my words for good, because I want to bless people the way this woman blessed me.



Wow! What a great, but uncommon, response. There's a woman who has her priorities in line!! Children ARE a blessing from the Lord, and in this day and age where everything is turned upside-down, why wouldn't the majority of people think that children are a nuisance?! You hang in there,girl...and, I KNOW, if I hear one more person comment, "You must have your hands full..." (no kidding, want to lend me one??) ;)

Nicole O'Dell

I could have written most of this post as my own.

I've noticed that the comments are from one extreme to the other--no middle ground. People either say ridiculous things like, "I would slit my wrists" or they go the other way and tell me I am so blessed and the luckiest woman they've ever met. I happen to agree with the latter. ;)

God bless!

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