January 3, 2010


It's been forever! I know....bad, bad, blogger.

I have had a change in priorities lately, and the blog had taken a back seat....but when I printed the last 6 months of the blog I realized how much this blog means, in terms of our personal family history. So, since my New Year's resolution was to become more organized (including the organization of our memories!) I decided to get back to blogging, because I know that in the future I will be so glad to have all of these mundane details.

So....what's goin' on?


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the BEST Christmas ever!

Reagan's favorite toys were: Breyer Horses, My Little Pony (Ponyville version), Littlest Pet Shop, and the Step 2 Tower of Doom Castle (that was for both of the kids). It looks like Ethan has more toys....but seriously...her stuff is TINY! Haha! She actually ended up with two more gifts than Ethan did.

Ethan's favorite toys were: His Star Wars Star Fighter, The big Droid Machine....also Star Wars, The Captain Rex helmet....ALSO Star Wars, and the Step 2 Tower of Doom Castle.

The babies loved their Sesame Street Kitchen, and Addie is in love with her books. Delaney likes the tea set she got, and Joel was happiest with a fuzzy blanket that was supposed to be my gift!

Christmas Traditions:

We've been making a lot of Christmas traditions around here. We made Christmas Eve the day we go to my dad's house. He has this fabulous grill that smokes the meat before you cook it, and I will's MOUTH WATERING!!!! Yummmmmm! We go to Christmas Eve service at our church, and then they open their Christmas PJ's. When they go to bed we put the gifts under the tree, and we sneak up and put wrapped "Christmas socks" under their bedroom Christmas trees. We don't do Santa around here, but they are still so excited that they wake up about 3 hours early! Christmas Day in the evening, we gather with my husband's immeadiate family for dinner and gifts.

What are some of your traditions?

I have been thinking about what direction I want this blog to take. I thought about making it a journal style blog, so only I could read it....but I DO want to keep family and friends updated on the latest news. I don't want to be a professional blogger anymore, which I was until September when I was running ad's on this blog. So, I decided to just remain a very casual blogger. I may not post every day....but it will remain updated at least once a week.