October 24, 2009

A Date?

We went out, alone, last night. We left at 4:30, the first clue at how these babies have aged us. I classify 4:30 as "evening" these days.

We went to the Olive Garden where I had my staple "Garlic Herb Chicken Con Broccoli"....which was delicious. Afterward, we had every intention on visiting several stores. We made it to Target, where I bought Reagan and Ethan new plates with matching cups. Then we went to the mall, and straight to the Yankee Candle store. My husband, who is man enough to admit that he loves candles, was so excited and wanted to buy something. We bought some tarts, and left.

We both glanced at each other with dark circles underlining our blue eyes, and guiltily asked each other (at the same time) if we could grab a cup of coffee and go home to sleep.

Not only do we only get out of the house, alone, every 6 months or so....but we are so drained of energy that we end the night at 9 o'clock and head for home!!!!!

I need stock in Red Bull, that's all I'm sayin'.