August 19, 2009

Tomatoes, and peppers, and cucumbers...oh, my!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will apologize for any erratic posting....we are in the midst of harvesting our almost 100 tomato plants, which have yielded a bumper crop. I have about 100 pounds (and we are not done harvesting yet! Not even halfway!) of tomatoes sitting in our front porch room waiting to ripen a bit before it's a busy time here in Quintoople land. I do this every year, but this year we have had more tomatoes than ever before, for sure.

I was disappointed in our blackberry season, and would love to hear from other berry folks here in the northeast about their berries. I am wondering if it was lack of sunlight that led to a shortage of berries this year. Last year we had so many that we could not contain them all, so we are a little saddened that we will only have enough for a few delish cobblers this year.

We have a large amount of cucumbers, and peppers, and I will be making diced tomatoes, sauces, salsas, pickles, relishes, and I will probably make it to a local farm to pick apples this fall to make applesauce and applebutter as well.

So, if you are ever wondering what the heck Christa is up to these days....more than likely it's either: Chasing toddlers, changing toddlers, running kids to and from school, cleaning, cooking.....or CANNING!!!!

Fall is around the corner, and more than "Back to School", CANNING is what reminds me that a new season is arriving!