August 3, 2009

Encouragement for Moms of Colicky Babies....MckLinky Blog Hop: 8/4

This is for the new moms. BUT NOT for new moms of happy, sleepy infants who eat, sleep, and coo.

No, THIS is for the mom's who have a Reagan.

A colicky baby. A baby who won't stop screaming, no matter what you do. A strong willed, unhappy baby....who is testing the limits of what a human parent can endure.

I could give you a list of tips that I learned with Reagan, but I know you have already tried them....and they don't work with any significant success.

I know the routine well. You walk, and walk, and walk around your house for HOURS. Baby finally falls asleep, and you are just exhausted. You continue to walk, but fatigue falls over you....and you do the STOP WALKING. The screams ensue, and you start all over again.

Swaddling helps, but for the colic baby...only for short amounts of time. Nothing nearly long enough to do anything but give you a headache from not sleeping long enough. You know your baby has colic if you have not slept longer than 45 minutes at a time for the last 2 months. Wearing baby in a sling helps you get some laundry done, but the fussing continues.

One day, you start sobbing. You think you are doing it all wrong. Your baby seems unhappy, you are unhappy, and this is NOT what motherhood was supposed to be. It's not what you dreamed it to be. You are wondering what exactly you signed up for.

Then it happens......

One morning, the crying lessens. One realize that your baby is smiling more than crying! Finally, you begin to sleep more....and everything falls into place.

My encouragement for expectant moms, and new moms is:

COLIC ENDS! It's NOT forever!

  • Don't compare a high needs infant to a complacent baby.
  • Don't think that all of your future babies will be high needs. I only had one colicky baby!
  • Don't BLAME YOURSELF! If you are meeting your baby's needs, then it's NOT your fault!
  • Don't listen to silly advice. Follow the instincts God gave you.
  • DO read "The Fussy Baby Book" by Dr. Sears. It's how we learned to live with Reagan.
  • Do nurse or feed on demand. Some babies are grazers, meaning that they do better with many small feedings.
  • DO TAKE BREAKS!!!!!! Colic can drive a person sure to get away from the crying occasionally!!!!!

I can tell you that the iron will of a colicky baby will continue on in many beautiful ways. Reagan, and many other colicky babies that I know have grown into steady, iron willed, leaders. It's a GOOD trait to have as they grow up. I KNOW how hard this time in your life is. Don't be ashamed to cry, and ask for breaks. Just remember....this too shall pass. By the time your baby nears the one year old mark colic will be a DISTANT (yet vivid!) memory.

Bless you and your baby!

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