August 3, 2009

Back to School!

Wow! It's August! That's just crazy. It means that summer (in terms of a KID summer) is wrapping up. Our kids start school in only 23 days. Reagan will start Kindergarten, and Ethan will start is second year of preschool. For the very first time, I will be alone with the triplets....well for 3 hours in the morning, 3 days a week anyway.

This is all very full circle for me. Reagan has the same Kindergarten teacher that I had for 1/2 year when I was in K. I was her first Kindergarten class. Crazy? Right?!? Reagan gets to be in class with many of her preschool peers, a fact that she is finding comfort in. Our K does not allow for 1/2 day classes, like we had, and that makes me so sad. It seems like a lot to handle for a 5 year old, but if anyone can handle's Reagan.

This year will be a testing ground for Ethan. I am leaning toward holding him back from Kinder next year, though he's probably intellectually ahead of Reagan (Reagan is VERY smart, but Ethan seems to grasp things faster)...he's socially backward. If he does not improve his social skills this year I will most certainly hold him back.

For the first time I get to spend "one on one" time with my trio, something that I am finding to be very exciting. 23 days I will be feeling sad, happy, excited, and nostalgic. How about you?