July 9, 2009

MRI's and Special Day's

Reagan is a ROCK STAR!

She was able to have a c-spine MRI withOUT sedation and if you have ever had an MRI, you will realize how complicated this would be for a very small 5 year old. The staff at CHoPitt. is fantastic. She watched the Barbie movie with her goggles, and because she is brave (or because she was afraid of having an IV!) she did not move a muscle the entire time!!!!

WHAT A RELIEF! I hated the thought of sedating her.

So, what now??? More patience. We wait for the results of the MRI. I will wait for 3 days before I start stalking Shriner's again. :)

I love you ALL for your lovely emails of prayer. Thank you. We had a wonderful trip, and Josh, Reagan and I had a BLESSED day connecting with each other. We don't get much time alone. After the MRI (the new Children's hospital is BEAUTIFUL!!!) we went out to eat. Then we picked out a new toy for Reagan, and Reagan picked out a toy for Ethan.

It really was a beautiful day, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to our special friends who helped watch our four other blessings. It was nice to not worry about them. They were in good hands.