July 15, 2009

MRI Results!

Josh is calling it a miracle, but I am more reserved. Here's why:

I FINALLY, after bothering everyone for days and days, got to talk to a nurse. She told me that our Dr. is out on medical leave, but she read me the report. Other than a few non-specific things, the report is negative. Which is a GOOD thing....but I will explain my hesitation....

After she had all of the pain in May and we had the CT scan, we took her to Shriner's where they were ready to dismiss her case. UNTIL the doctor actually looked at her films, and everything changed.

Don't get me wrong, I am VERY happy for good news, and more than likely we can put Reagan's neck issues to rest after some PT....but I am not resting completely easy until after I talk to our doctor. I am carefully celebrating some very good news!!!!!

I on the other hand, am sick as a dog. I have some kind of stomach bug, and starting at 1:30 I have been vomiting exactly almost every 10 minutes. I hope this goes away. :( I am completely miserable.

Here are some cute pictures of the babies. Delaney loves her blankets! In true Delaney fashion, this blanket is stolen from Joel....but not without a fight first. Hence the tears. ; )