June 17, 2009

Well Baby Exams!

These are always...interesting.

Today was AWESOME because WE HAD SITTERS!!!! (Thanks Jake and Amy!) ....AND Josh came WITH ME!!!! Seriously, it was so much easier today than it ever has been.

20 pounds, 31.5 inches.
Tallest, Skinniest.
Healthy, but is being scheduled for an appointment with a doctor to look at her "lazy" eye.

22 pounds, 30 inches.
Shortest, curliest. :)
Very healthy girl, and we have finally beaten eczema...for now.

23 pounds, 31 inches.
chubbiest, baldest. :)
Joel has signaled to the doctor that there are enough red flags to warrant another trip to Pittsburgh. He has some serious developmental delays, and they are not getting we had hoped, with age. He will be seeing his neurologist, the same one who saw him about the seizures, on a date to be determined.

All in all it was a great day. Josh had some of the day off... (wow! that NEVER happens anymore!!!) and I even got a nap. We are still worried about Reagan. When we told our family doctor what they told us he said: "Wow. It's not good that they don't know what it is. Keep us updated."

So I pray....and wait. Monday can't come soon enough.


Following Him

Praying for Joel and Raegan as the doctors figure out what is up! Glad you survived the well baby visit this time around!


Glad to hear the girls are growing so well (and Joel too) and keeping my heart thinking of Reagan and Joel. xxx


Hi Christa,

I remember going to school with you in Elementary School ( I think it was then anyway), but because you are younger than myself - that's all I remember. :o) Your children are sooooo beautiful and it amazes me how much they resemble each other and even yourself. I don't know how you do it. I have two - a 4 1/2 year old son and a 14 month old daughter and that's a handful for me!!! Not that you had a choice in the matter - lol! I just recently found your blog through Amanda, Suzie, and Kristy and have enjoyed catching up with your journey. I have been praying for your little ones; especially Reagan and Joel. Hoping miracles will happen for both of them. Thank you for sharing your life stories with me.

Take care & God Bless,
Nicole (Harayda) Alexander

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