June 19, 2009

Product Endorsements: Breastfeeding

If you are planning on nursing your baby, there are really only 3 products that I feel are "MUST haves" other than Lasinosh Nursing Pads (this is a disposable product that I am totally behind...I used to leak like crazy, and these are thin...and they work!).

This product is from Earth Mama Angel Baby, and it's fabulous. When you are first learning to breastfeed (note I said LEARN, nursing is an art...and you will do it wrong a few times before getting it right!) you will get sore. It's inevitable, and this soreness can get so bad that it will cause some women to quit. I URGE you to set a goal of 6-8 weeks. Stick with it, no bottles, until you hit that mark. By 6-8 weeks most women-and babies- have learned the basics. It becomes much easier after this.

Natural Nipple Butter is an all natural, organic, salve that helps with the soreness, and conditioning. There is no product that will completely take the soreness away, but this product does a great job of helping you in the learning process. It seems expensive at almost $12.00 for 2 ounces....but I have never used more than one jar per baby.

Mommy's Little Breastfeeding Book is a GREAT little book to start you on your journey. I mention it because the GOLD standard breastfeeding books (which you should read during pregnancy!!!) are "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding", and "The Breastfeeding Book". They are great books, for sure...but I like this one too. I like it because it's SMALL, and can be used as a quick reference. It's an EASY read, with accurate information. This is a great shower gift, and a book that is small enough to take to the hospital with you! I really, REALLY recommend it.

It can be difficult to find good bras. I know. "They" say to avoid underwires while nursing, but I can't. I like them, and I needed the extra support. This is a great find from It's a soft cup underwire, and at only $11.95, it's a steal.

Seriously girls, step AWAY from the WalMart isles. It seems like a great deal at $8.00 but you will be cursing those bras when you wash them the first time, and all the sudden you have something poking you in the armpit..... true story.

I will attest to the great value of these bras, and would buy them again in a heartbeat!!!!