June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate...something to think about.

During the first "announcement" this season the show had stellar ratings.

Please remember that there are children involved in this mess, and if they don't have good ratings....if we all just STOP watching....the show will be canceled and the kids will have a shot at normalcy.

Who wants their parents divorce announcement aired for the world? Who wants to know that the intimate details of their childhood will be on DVD in households across America???

I hope we have learned our lesson with Jon and Kate (and the more important +8), and we all STOP watching these shows. These kids "REALITY" should not be in front of the cameras. This is not a reality SHOW. This is someone's life....this IS the Truman Show.

I ask you to read about it online tomorrow. STOP watching this, don't support this behavior anymore. There are 8 little lives counting on you to put down the remote. The recaps will be all over the internet only minutes after the show airs anyway. If you have to about it later.

These kids need the protection they are not receiving from their parents.

THIS article was eye-opening. I encourage everyone to take a read.