June 23, 2009

are they twins? and other such ramblings...

Now that the babies are older I am noticing some interesting things about the public. When they were babies, it was very obvious that they were triplets.

It still is, but now I would guess that 90% of the people ask me, "Are the girls twins?".

I am not sure if they are asking if they are twins. period.

Or if they are asking me if the girls are identical.

I used to get the "WOW TRIPLETS!!!" and "Are they natural?" allllllllllllllllllll the time.

Now the #1 comment is "Are they all yours???". It's interesting that as they get older it becomes less obvious that they belong as a set. I would bet that by age 4 or 5 that the public will become even less interested.

That being said, when I have all 5 children with's a circus. Reagan asked me at the grocery yesterday, "Why does everyone look at us that way?", and "Why does everyone always talk about us?"

My answer: "Because we are a very special family Reagan! It's not everyday you see a family like ours!"

She said: "Well, God sure did make us special Mommy!"

Shriner's Update:
I called 5 times trying to get answers. FINALLY I reached Reagan's nurse.

I asked her, "I was wondering if you had anymore information as to why Reagan needs an MRI, and what the Dr. at St. Christopher in Philadelphia said?

She said, "What do you mean by, more information? He said she needs an MRI."

Me: "Did he say ANYTHING about her condition?"

Nurse: "No."

Me: "OooooooKay! Ummm....Thanks?"


Sorry for being stalker Mommy, I guess.
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