May 14, 2009

Della Doo Does Drama!

Delaney has many names. She has many sides. She has many, many, many faces. She's complicated, and she's our actress. We are big on nicknames around here...if you have not noticed. Joel is "Joelie". Addison is "Addie" & "Princess". Reagan is "Peanut" & "Butter". Ethan was the reigning king of nicknames with, "Roo", "E", & "Rooney". We now have Delaney who is, "Laney", "Della", "Sweets", "Sweetness", & "Resident Drama Queen"

No. Joke.

We watch her experiment with her faces. She will close her eyes, and make a sad face....then cover her eyes and smile and make a happy face....then giggle. At 15 months, it's quite entertaining.

If you remember from yesterday I told you about Addie's spicy emotional behavior. If she gets mad she will lash out and bite or hit. Laney will close her eyes and do this crazy dance, and a scratching motion to let you know she's unhappy. It's hard to describe, and I really need to catch it in action and get it on film. Everyone who sees it laughs hysterically.

Unlike Addie, if you tell Laney "No.", she does not get angry...she gets personally offended. She covers her eyes, sticks out her lip, eyes well up with tears, and she wails. works on Josh every time. Addie needs to learn. Ha!

Delaney is not as verbal as Addie, but she is the most stable on her feet. She's the fastest, the tallest (about the same height, or a hair taller than Joel), and the lightest. She's built like Reagan. I think Delaney has a little bit of everyone genetically in her looks, which is nice because everyone else looks like a copy someone in this family. (Especially Ethan/Josh)

At 15 months old if I were to pick their perfect professions, and reasons....
Delaney- Stage Actress, she's loud and very dramatic!
Addison-Scientist, she already seems to be plotting to take over the world!
Joel-Supermodel, He's vain. He likes looking at himself, in fact... it's his favorite hobby. (hahaha! Sorry future Joel, but it's true!)

Laney is at the top of the totem pole. At least she is right now. She can be a bully to the other two. Addie and Laney play a lot, but when Laney gets bullish Addie has been known to hide from her. Joel is still about 6 pounds heavier than her and can knock her over and sit on her....which is GOOD for Delaney. She needs to know she's not invincible. She does take all of Joel's toys, which makes me mad. Most of the time she takes the toys from him, she just drops them. It's like she wants to pick a fight, but Joel's a lover...not a fighter. Ha! Actually, Joel WILL fight with her, he just could care less about playing with toys.

Well, that's it on the updates on the babies!!!! I thought I would update you since it's been a while. I have a few pre-scheduled posts for the next few days. I won't be online, so if I don't answer emails, don't be scared. I have a preschooler that is graduating, and we have some scheduled events this weekend that I am attending. I will be pretty busy, so that's why I pre-scheduled all of my blog posts.

Thanks for reading everyone!!!!!! I really appreciate all of you for caring about our lives. :*)


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