May 13, 2009

Addie Paddy Bo Baddie.....

Addie is my sweet cuddly princess. Their little personalities are developing more and more. Joel is needy, but he's lovey, and SILLY. Joel is very silly....and beautiful. Addie is SO so so so so sweet.

She still has some trouble with sturdiness, but they don't think that she has CP. In fact, if she continues with her progress she will not need PT or an MRI after she turns 2. That's GREAT news.

I believe that God gave Addie the gift of determination. Despite having such low muscle tone, Addie has been the climber of the group. She gives us all gray hair. Not only us, but her caregivers in the church! She scales couches, chairs, gates, name it. She's always up for a challenge.

I call her my spicy burrito. She is not fond of being told No. She has a bit of a temper, and has been known to lash out and bite...or hit. She will also "Baby cuss" at you (a list of un-recognizable words that are said in anger, and are terribly funny). In the same breath...Addie uses the same spicy emotion to show her softer side. She loves hugs, kisses, cuddles, and dances with mama or daddy.

She's the girliest of the 3 girls so far. She bat's her eyes, tilts her head, acts coy...all at age 15 months. She already seems to prefer dresses (honestly!). The girl is smart as a whip, and has more words than all other 4 kids combined at this age.

She ADORES Reagan and Ethan. She tolerates Delaney and Joel. She's the shortest, by a large margin at this point. Joel is much heavier than her and easily overpowers her....I would say that Joel and Addison fight the most right now. They fight for 2nd place in the pecking order. Delaney has the top position secured.

I believe that Addie thinks that she's smarter than the rest of us. She just has that look about she's a little annoyed with us sometimes. ;)

How Delaney and Addie differ in looks:
Addie has curly hair, Delaney's is pin straight.
Addie has darker olive skin, while Delaney has lighter skin.
Addie has deep brown hair (like mine), Delaney has medium to light brown hair like Josh and Reagan.
Addie is about 1-2 inches shorter than Delaney which is a big margin for 15 month olds.

...Laney tomorrow~


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