April 21, 2009

Reagan, I Love You: Tuesday's Tribute to my "Baby"

I can't believe it. My baby is getting ready to graduate....from preschool.

Reagan is my miracle baby, the one who started it all....and she's getting ready to attend Kindergarten. It seems impossible, and my heart is breaking at the thought of her leaving me every day to go to school. She's ready. She WANTS to go, but I just don't want to admit that she's going to be going to SCHOOL. The same little school that I attended, which is kind of cool.

Reagan is amazing. She's the kind of girl who's just naturally good at everything. She gets that from her daddy....definitely NOT from me. She's athletic, artistic, and so smart. She want's to be a chef when she grows up (as of the past few months), because she want's to make "beautiful food". She's small and mighty. She's beautiful, and she has the most wonderful heart. Reagan is incredibly honest with us, sometimes too much. Haha.

I can't believe she's going to school. I just can't believe it.

On to the picture. Those are some of her "Littlest Pet Shop" pets. She took some of her empty easter eggs, and filled them with Pet Shop Pets. Every day for the past 3 days she opens one egg. She carries these toys, and the remaining eggs with her EVERYWHERE. They are never out of her sight...except for preschool when she hires mommy to babysit them. She watches over them, and cares for them.

She may want to be a chef now, but what a great little mama in the making! She's just so incredibly sweet. I am so proud to be her mama.

Tuesday's Tribute

(For those of you who don't know...I make the pages of this blog into a book. It's our family memory book. I want to have as much of our day to day lives chronicled as possible. I know that with 5 children I will quickly forget these wonderful, and blessed days of childhood. )



Awwww she is too sweet! What a great tribute!
Thank you kindly for stopping by today! :)


They grow up too fast! It's a bittersweet moment when they go from pre-k to kindegarten.

(found you via seven circus)


They grow up WAY too fast......she sounds like a little angel! :)
I really loved your list of 100 tidbits about you. We have so much in common.......I love classic literature so much....:)

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