April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday, and Easter Eggs

Christa's Angels! :) Heehee. The triplets had fun playing while we colored our eggs.
Reagan is so excited! Some were painted with "Candy Apple Easter Egg Paint" (example painted by Ethan), and some were traditionally dyed.

Ethan gets very involved with his work. I think he has a future as an Easter Egg painter.
Reagan had a blast. The difference between ages 4 and age 5 is staggering. She's truly a big girl now. She's so much fun, and responsible. I am very proud of Reagan, and all of my kids, but Reagan has done the most growing up (maturity wise) this year.
Delaney is growing vertically!!!! She's obviously taller than Addison now. She's always been a little taller, but she shot up in length recently!!! Poor Addie is not even on the growth chart for height. I think she's gonna be vertically challenged. Hahaha!

Here's Delaney's bully face. I post it because I find it HILARIOUS. She's so small, but is SO feisty! Don't mess with this chick. She will get you back....and she bites! LOL.

The Last Supper, the washing of the disciples feet, the agony of Gethsemane, and the betrayal. It's Maundy Thursday, a Holy day for those of us who believe. I have had a hard time for the past few years pondering how we spend Holy week. I mean, we colored Easter eggs today. It hardly seems acceptable.

We questioned whether we would continue coloring eggs at all. Easter's pagan rituals really bother my husband, so I told him that we should stop. We don't do any of the regular things anyway (like Santa, tooth fairy, and more pertinent right now....the Easter Bunny). Well, yesterday he changed his mind and wanted us to have fun with it.

Today, I am trying to have fun with it...but something feels off. Before coloring eggs, I went over the Maundy Thursday scriptures and stories with the children... and they listened. They love Jesus and Ethan was quite upset that Jesus was so sad. He was so upset that I ended up going over the whole Easter story to assure him that there was a happy ending!

Is there anything special that YOU do, outside of our traditional pagan rituals, that makes Easter special for the children?



I came across this and think it a great way to introduce Easter to children!!


I know it's not much, but the Donut Man has a really nice video called the Resurrection Celebration. It deals with the death of an older member of the church, and the hope of eternal life through Christ's resurrection, while putting on an Easter pagent. Reagan would get it, maybe she's the only one old enough for it, though...


Oh my goodness, your kiddos are so adorable!!!! I love the pics of the triplets doing the whole Charlie's Angel pose!!!

I saw your blog on the MoM blogroll and thought I'd stop by and say hello!


I think it's fantastic that your you share the true meaning of holidays with your children. That's what it's all about. It's fun to color eggs and exchange gifts but it's so important that they know what we're celebrating. Good for you!

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