April 10, 2009

Baby Spotlight: The Nurturing One

I talk so much about Joel, that I tought I would do a spotlight on Addie and Laney. Today is Addie's turn.

Little Addison is the little mommy of the group. When someone cries, it's inevitable that you will see Addie walk over and pat their back.

She also has this need to feed other people. Who ever is within reach is always getting a fist full of whatever Addie has to eat. She likes to share her food.

Addie *adores* Reagan. Reagan can do no wrong in Addie's eyes. While Addie adores Reagan, she LOVES Ethan. They are kindred spirits. They have the same sensitive, nurturing soul. No one can get Adds to laugh like Ethan can. Ethan and Addison also have the same super power....stickiness. As I mentioned in a previous post Addie always seems to be sticky. Haha. I have no idea HOW she gets sticky, but it's inevitable. Ethan is the same way.

Milestones: Addie is the talker. She already has a list of 20+ words that she can say, and is by far the most advanced talker we have ever had (Reagan, Ethan, and Delaney were all walking by 9/10 months). She is still very wobbly on her feet, and we are watching her closely for signs of neurological problems. She has low muscle tone, and her legs shake sometimes when she's walking. Physical therapy seems to be helping a great deal.

Addie is more patient than her triplet siblings. She's never demanding, and she is always the one who is not screaming at me to eat her food. Addie is what I call an "old soul"....not that she's been here before, just that she seems to have a more mature personality than the others.

I often feel bad because Addie seems to occasionally get left out. She's not loud or abrasive. She does not have that electric personality that her triplet sister has, and sometimes she seems to be the last to be held.

She has curly hair like Daddy, and her Great-Grandma. It's adorable. She has the darker hair and olive skin tone like my dad's side of the family. She's definitely the odd one out in the looks department. She's the darkest, with the curly hair. She looks nothing like her other siblings (who all look alike!).

She is such a sweet little girl, and I love her so much!!!!!!!


Hey Mama where's my...

sweet girl~ hope you have a great day!

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