April 18, 2009

Linky Love, and VERY random updates.

Sharing the link love!
My Blog to share with you this week is "The Amazing Trips".

I find Jen to be so genuine and funny in her blogging. They have triplets, and a spare younger son....4 kids in 3 years. :) A girl after my own heart.....spawning hoards of children in short amounts of time. LOL. Check her blog out, and share some comment love!
Ok, I have been dealing with a bad shoulder. It's painful, and I am unsure of what to do about it. I can't really afford to do anything about it right now.....but I am contemplating going to a chiropractor.

Anyway, it's my right shoulder....and I am sure that it's causing me grief because I have been sleeping sandwiched between a 5 year old with "bad dreams" and a 4 year old who has either had an accident, or has had a "bad dream" (his are fake, hers are real), or just decided that 4:00 am was a good time to come downstairs and wake me up. Then there is my aloof husband who has no idea that there are 4 people in bed until he wakes up....and realizes that he's been
hogging 50% of the bed.... all night LONG.

I know I should take Reagan and Ethan back to their own beds, but most of the time I am so exhausted that in my own sleepy seems better if they just stay in bed with me. That is, until morning when my shoulder is SCREAMING in pain.
Ethan has become the "King of the Babies". They love, worship, and adore him. It's cute, but it's giving him a big head. He knows that they will follow HIM anywhere, and he's often saying..."They love me the most Mommy, they don't love Reagan, Daddy, or Mommy....only ME!" It's cute, but the power trip is getting out of hand!



I know your pain! Either pray they grow out of it or nudge your husband to put them back in their own beds. ;) they will stop after a few nights. I had to after 3 weeks of no real sleep and a crick in my neck!ouch. YOu need all the rest you can get. Good Luck


Love your featured blog:) very inspiring mom!

The Amazing Trips

Awesome! Thanks for linking to us, Christa!! I hope that your shoulder gets better soon. Until then, maybe move in to one of the kids beds until you can get a decent night's rest?

Whenever more than four people occupy our queen sized bed, I'll camp out with one of our four-year-olds who is in a double bed, by himself. It's luxury!!

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