March 5, 2009

Broken Bras, Kindergarten, and the van....

First things first.....the van is running again! Whoot! We spent $267.07 on new spark plugs, filters, an oil change and diagnostic work. HAHAHA. We are morons. The spark plugs were factory, and bad.

As you are reading this I am at Kindergarten registration. Be still my heart.

Ok. On to the fun stuff.

My bra broke. Yep. The underwire has been through the dryer so much, and is so old, that it snapped. I immediately had a pity party because my favorite pair of fat jeans got a hole in the.....well that area (I need to keep it clean so the people googling bad words won't stumble onto my blog!!!) where there should be no holes. I love my fat jeans.

Josh told me to go buy new stuff, and I can't. We need a new roof, a new car (desperately), income tax money to pay the feds and the school district (YES! Even with 5 kids we pay....remember that Josh is self-employed, and the tax situation is much different for us!), the kids need carpet in their rooms, and paint on the walls, there is something wrong with the drain going out of the washing machine... and it needs snaked, we need to start our garden from seeds inside within the next couple of weeks, and the boys need some new clothes....especially Joel.

I am not a martyr. I will spend money on myself when it's justified, but I CAN'T buy myself stuff when we have all of this going on. I just can't, it seems wrong.

When you are a parent sometimes you have to go without to ensure that your kids are well taken care of. Right now, we just can't afford new bras and fat jeans!

I am unsure of what the point of this post is. We are struggling financially, but on the other hand we have food to eat, and a roof over our heads. That's really all we need, and I am grateful that God has continued to provide for our every need. I am not worried, I know we are being taken care of....I am still learning that HIS timing is perfect. The finances will work out....I have faith.

I am just glad the year of formula is over!!!!!



I feel your pain:-) We are in the same boat, so much needs done with very little money to do it with:-) I don;t ever spend on myself, I havehad the same shoes for five years. I would be wearing the broken bra too:-)

Blessings to you and yours:-)


I too feel your pain! We are also in desperate need of a new car (well, used-but new to us!) I drive a Honda CRV which does not have a 3rd row seat so all 3 kids are SQUISHED into the back seat. We also need the paint on the walls, new carpet in the living room would be SO AWESOME, clothes for the kids, a new window in the bathroom to replace the cracked one...the list goes on doesn't it? I agree with you though, we are blessed to have food and a roof over our heads. So what if Daddy's boxers and socks have way more holes in them than are necessary :) and Mommy wears the same pair of jeans day after day because she's still trying to lose the last 10 pounds before she spends money on clothes? We'll get by and things will get better soon.


I just stumbled upon your blog the other day and I am loving it. :) I can totally relate on the whole finances issue - I think everyone can relate as the economy is in such a horrible state right now. It is frustrating knowing you need things a bra/jeans and cannot bring yourself to buy them, isn't it? We have a large family as well, (4 kids in 5 years)and it seems like there is always some extra expense each month! :) Hang in there, things will get better... eventually and you will be able to buy yourself some jeans and a bra AND feel good about it!


I just wanted to give you (((hugs))) and say yes, it will work out!
I totally get the sometimes Mom just has to give some things up deal.....AND the tax stuff. My husband is a pastor but is considered self employed....

Paying taxes quarterly AND paying for all ones own social security adds up.

Always a Southern Girl

After all tomorrow is another day!! LOL:) Glad I stopped by--Take care and God bless, Renee


I too have a hard time with HIS time. Everyone is going through this financial crunch...I know I am too. I hope things get better!



I know what you mean with money- the list of things needing done seems never ending (I'm blindly ignoring the leak in the roof and hoping the worst of the weater is over and that we will find the money before next winter!). I don;t know what all those taxes are but I can sympathise- everytime I see my pay slip i want to cry when I pay 1/3 out in tax and goodness knows what- more than my husband earns in his parttime job! If we got some kind of rebate he could stay at home more or I could go parttime. Sorry, didnt meant to write so much just feeling your frustrations.

Hope it all comes together!


I completely understand. I could use some new fat jeans too...

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