January 10, 2009

Why I love Erie!

When people think of Erie, Penna. They think of lake effect snow storms, cold & cloudy days, and shopping. All of that is true. :) Erie is BEAUTIFUL, and most of us that live here take it for granted. Here's my "I love Erie" top 5:

5. Route 5 in West County in the fall. It really is beautiful. We have some of the most beautiful foliage in the world.

4. Waldameer. It's not the biggest amusement park in the world, but it DOES boast one of the best water parks. period.

3. Shopping. Peach Street may be one of the busiest roads in the country. Seriously! Between the Millcreek Mall, and all of the shopping centers on Peach....there is no way you could want for anything! It's why we have so many Canadian tourists!!! Oh, and did I mention NO SALES tax?!?!?!

2. Sights and Attractions. Between the Zoo, Splash Lagoon, Tinseltown, The Tom Ridge Environmental Center, Erie Playhouse, Presque Isle State Park, Erie Art Museum, and many others....there is always something to do.

1. The Lake! Without it we would not be Erie! The single biggest draw to this city is the Lake, and Presque Isle. It's beautiful, and it gives us most of our 100+ inches of snow a year!!!!

To learn more about Erie click here: Erie Tour Guide



I love Erie, too...and I HATE HATE HATE how people in this community are so hateful towards it.

You're right. We live in a beautiful city on a Great Lake. We enjoy four seasons. Low crime. No traffic issues (outside of Peach St, but even that doesn't compare to rush hour in bigger cities). I love it here.

And I especially love our winters. This one's turning out to be a doozy!!


Reading this made me want to go to Erie and maybe live there! The power of suggestion. This from a Phoenix native who will not live North of Washington DC. lol :-)


I live in Erie, too! I found your blog through the multiples... and more! blog :) ::waving from south east Erie::

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