January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday: When 5 kids attack....

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama (click on the above button!). You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT go downstairs to the basement (aka: playland) to find water dripping from the ceiling. I did not call Josh in a panic saying, "Guess what else is wrong!!!" I did not interrogate the oldest child and actually ask her, "What did Ethan do???" The answer:
"Well....ACTUALLY, ummmmm......we were trying to HELP you."

<-- The dynamic duo being interrogated....

When questioned further I did NOT learn that Reagan and Ethan tried watering daddy's plant all by them selves. They over filled it and water flowed into a register. It traveled from the register to the basement. I did NOT hug them in relief! NOT ME! I was NOT just so relieved that it was not a bigger issue!!!!!!!!

Joel has a new trick! He likes to climb on things. Anything he can reach, he's climbing on. It's cute, but it means a whole new level of baby-proofing.....and I DID NOT let Joel out of his booster seat first just so I could take a picture of him climbing all over Delaney's booster chair tray! NOT ME!!!!!! (disclaimer: he was always in arm's reach!!!)
Addie has turned into a world-class flirt! I thought this was an area where my boys excelled, but Addie has proven to be even more charming! She was being fed a shell shaped pasta, and this little tiny (but extraordinarily perceptive baby) does not like this kind of pasta. She bats the spoon out of daddy's hand, and proceeds to "baby cuss" at him (she have him a tongue lashing!). In the blink of an eye, she gave Josh the most syrupy sweet grin I have ever seen....along with eyes batting! She knew what she was doing because Josh looked at me and whined, "She does not like this! Go make her something else! Look how cute she is!!!" I was like, "oh no she didn't!" NOT SHE!!! (another cute twist?!?) Of course....I DID NOT go and get her royal highness something else to eat.....NOT ME!!!!
Delaney has the funniest hair. It's at a length right now where all it does is stick up. It's especially funny when she's had a bath and then gone to bed. This particular morning, she woke up, ate breakfast....and was ALL messy. I could not help but think this was the most adorable picture of her. Bed head, messy face, fingers in mouth signaling that she was still not yet ready to start the day.....and I did NOT leave her hair like that ALL DAY just because I thought it was ADORABLE!!!! Not ME!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!


Following Him

Triple the fun right? Addie cracks me up with her tounge lashing. Delaney's hair is just adorable and well Joel cracks me up!
Happy Monday :)


Just hopped over from MckMama, darling blog, gorgeous children. - I laughed, I can only imagine the 'Not Me' stories you have.


Oh my! You do NOT have YOUR hands full, do you? No, of course you don't!

I did not stop off to view your blog and enjoy all your Not Me's. Especially the fact that you photograph your kids during an interrogation. The looks on their faces are not hilarious!!!

Happy Monday!

Alexandra's Mommy

Wow you have your hands full! First time to your blog! Glad the water was not a huge issue!! :) Your sweet children are adorable!!

The Mazza Munchkins

I had to laugh when I saw your picture of your little guy. My Reyna didn't do the same thing this week, climbing on the tray of their highchair.

Hey Mama where's my...

Wandered over from MckMama's, your family is gorgeous!! Does Addie always suck her fingers that way? I work in a newborn nursery and I love to see babies do that, too cute! Will check back more ofter to see all the fun!

Elaine A.

That "interrogation" picture is hilarious! As is the one with the little guy on the booster seat.

You have a beautiful family and I love the name of your blog! : )

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys)

So cute!!! I don't know that I would have been able to resist those eyes either!! What darling kids you have!!

(found you through MckMama BTW)


Wow...triplets and 2 older ones! You must be one busy lady! They all sure are cute! I popped over b/c of your cute blog name! Love it! Cute not me's too! I like the dynamic duo pic!


Your kids are adorable and I remember all too well when my guys were those ages.

Great NMMs.


The climbing is way too cute! I love the pictures!

Domestically Disabled Girl

Her hair is adorable! I would have left it as well. YOu have a beautiful family.


Isn't it great when they figure out they can "cute" their way out of things!! Any time my boy gets in trouble he tilts his head sideways so his chin meets his shoulder and says (in his sweetest voice) "hi".

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama

I would have freaked out too if water was dripping- glad it wasn't serious- hey, at least your kids want to help with the housework LOL


Looks like you have quite the handful! :) Have a great week!

My Trendy Tykes

The pics are priceless!!
Sounds like you have tons of fun at your house. (bless you!!!)


Christa @ Quintooples

The pics are priceless!!
Sounds like you have tons of fun at your house. (bless you!!!)


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