January 20, 2009

Every Life is Beautiful....

Before I step on to my soap box, I want everyone to do everything they can to outreach and advocate for this family: Little Emerson (click). This is an amazing family, and if anyone needs a HAND UP it's THIS family.

January 18 was proclaimed "Sanctity of Human Life day" by outgoing President Bush.

I want to start out by saying that this post is not meant to be anything other than a platform for me to speak about things that I feel are important. If there was one thing G.W. did right (in my book) was protect the sanctity of human life.

I have been chided for voting on one issue. This is not true, in the primary elections I voted on a number of issues. The government wasting the thousands of dollars that Josh and I pay in taxes every year just infuriates me, which is why I voted for Ron Paul! When it comes to the general election, yes....I voted on ONE issue because both candidates were not electable based on constitutional economic policy.

We have the right to LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Note that the FIRST right we have is the right to LIVE. The next is the right to liberty, which is the right to live FREELY without government involvement (excluding crime, we should be left alone!), the PURSUIT of happiness. Note that PURSUIT comes BEFORE happiness, which means that one must WORK for what they feel will make them happy.

Life comes first. FIRST. It comes with no strings attached. It is, with the guarantee of happiness. It's not life, with a welfare state, and easy living. IT MEANS, LIFE! Living without feeling pressed by the Government, and it means WORKING HARD for the things you feel you need to be happy. It does not guarantee a free house, free healthcare, free ANYTHING.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is what made this country great.
Now we throw away life.
We want government handouts.
We want instant gratification.

I am not saying that people should never be given a hand UP, I am saying that as a culture we have grown comfortable with the things we feel we NEED. What we need is a wake-up call.

Just my thought for the day :
The bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. So why in our culture do we apply for a curse and reject a blessing?

Back to my regular posting.


Nicole O'Dell

This is a great post! Thanks for stepping out there and saying it.

You said:the PURSUIT of happiness. Note that PURSUIT comes BEFORE happiness, which means that one must WORK to be happy.

That's a great point! I'd like to add that happiness should not equal money, at least not exclusively. sure does help! :)

Thanks again!

Christa @ Quintooples

Thanks Nicole! You are right, and I changed the wording a bit.



You said words that couldn't have been spoken at a better time.

All the people partying today will be scratching their heads a year from now wondering why they still have to pay for their own gas and mortgage. Their "hope" will be shattered.

To me, what happened today and seeing the throngs of hopeless (and clueless) people out there celebrating the rise of their "savior" speaks volumes.

It says to me that -- if only -- this nation would put its hope in the real Hope of humanity...then maybe then we will know the real meaning of change.

I'm not afraid of what is about to unfold in our country...for you and I know where our real hope lies...but I am concerned that life, both born and unborn, will never be the same.

In other news, I want you to know that your blog made me download the Forrest Gump music you have playing. LOL!


Great post! I agree with many of your thoughts and thought the video was touching. And I, too, was presented with 'selective reduction' as an option. Since the term is a fancy way of saying 'abortion', I never considered it, even for a second. My life would not be right without my Baby C, who we now call Connor :-).


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