December 10, 2008

Almost 11 Months OLD?!!??

How did that happen?!?!? The saying "The years go by fast, but the days are slow" has described my year. There were days that literally never ended. We were up 24 hours some days just feeding and changing babies. This year has just FLOWN. I look back and think, WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I don't remember a lot of it, and that's why I blog. To remember.

Some facts on the babies as a group and as individuals:

Delaney, our first born triplet: Laney is still the most mobile. She's standing alone, and is ready to take her first steps. It will be any day now. :) She has the most wonderful personality. Laney is always smiling and excited to see everyone. She has been the easiest baby of our 5 kids. Laney loves toys that rattle, and she LOVES music. She's the dancer of the trio. We often watch her swaying to the music when we have the radio on. She really is very adorable when she does this. Laney is also very addicted to her fingers. All of them suck their middle 2 fingers (just like I did!), but Laney really uses her fingers for soothing reasons. She still suffers from reflux, and she has a severe case of eczema. Both have been treated successfully with medication. Laney is still the smallest, but at 17 pounds is a very healthy girl. Laney's favorite persons are Reagan and DADDY (total daddy's girl here!). She squeals at the sight of her big sister, and Laney and Addie play and play together. She's the first to have teeth! 2 on the bottom!!! The other two are still totally gummy!

Addison, baby "B": Addie is the chatty/cuddly one. She jabbers all day long. She has now said "mama", "dada", "Bubby" (for Ethan), and "ball". She also makes the funniest noises. We just laugh and laugh when she talks because she sounds like one of the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. She growls. She growls when she's happy, and it's really funny. Addie has a punky personality. She has VERY strong likes and dislikes. She's usually very cautious around men that she does not know well. She loves me, and will crawl up into my lap and suck her fingers while rubbing my shirt. She loves blankets, and stuffed animals. The sight of Daddy makes her laugh, but her favorite person in the world -BY FAR- is Ethan. Ethan feels the same way about her. They have a very odd connection, as they are VERY much alike in personality. From the moment we brought them home Ethan picked her out as "his favowit baby". He insists that she would be happier sleeping in his bed rather than in her crib. LOL. When the triplets are together, Addie and Laney team up and play together. Addie does not crawl well, but she is standing very well. I expect her to walk before Joel, but we have a while yet. She's about 18 pounds, and Laney is close to overcoming her in both length and weight. Addie also suffers from indoor and outdoor allergies, and is being sucessuflly treated with Claritin.

Joel, the baby: I love Joel, don't get me wrong, but he and Reagan are tied as the hardest babies of the five. To start with, he's had a rough time. He suffered from intra-uterine growth restriction, due to his poor position. He was born with positional plagiocephaly, and torticolis....again due to his poor womb position. Acid reflux, and it now looks like he may have a severe milk allergy (diagnoses pending...but this may explain a lot of his symptoms including his oozing rashes!). He's had a lot to over come. He cries a LOT, and is extremely spoiled!!! (totally my fault, and I love it!) I wear Joel in a sling a lot during the day to reduce the crying time. His cry is VERY loud, and very demanding. He sends Reagan crying to the basement, and Ethan has asked Josh to take Joel to work with him. When he's happy though, the payoff is AMAZING. He is a *beautiful* magazine cover pretty baby. He's 22 pounds now, and just the perfect amount of cute. He just adores his mama, but is still unsure about daddy (just like Ethan was at this age!). The girls use Joel as a step stool (not kidding) so they can reach further...and grab stuff off of the couch. Joel loves it. He laughs and laughs. Joel crawls very well now, but is no where near walking.

As a group:
Addie is the leader. She's the boss, and pretty much leads all of the playing. Addie and Delaney usually pair off, while Joel is crying for me. I often find all 3 of them piled on top of each other in a corner, which makes me think that they are reliving the days in the womb. Joel is the passive one, and is often used as a step stool so that the girls can get in trouble. Laney is the one who will occasionally try and take the leadership away from Addie, but it usually fails. She will fight back with Addie, and I often see them fighting over toys. Laney holds her own, but is not as aggressive as Addie. Joel just giggles when the girls take his toys. LOL.

Sorry for the poor video, my digital camera has a damaged mic. No sound, but at least you can see my "walker"!


Nicole O'Dell

Great descriptions and update! I love the pictures of them.

Happy 11 months!

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