November 10, 2008

When it all comes down...

It snowed, and as you have probably guessed by now...I like snow. It's peaceful, beautiful, and I don't mind the cold. The kids are having a blast, and are so excited to see the snow.

The cold weather makes me cook, and bake. I don't know why, but in this weather I MUST cook and bake. I am so into it that I am going to try a different recipe every day. I said TRY. LOL. I am going to put the recipes onto a separate blog. Be watching for that on the sidebar soon. :)

Mr. J seems well. He is still doing the eye rolling and the hand movements, but the twitching has completely stopped....and has not been back. Thank you SO much for your prayers. They mean a lot to us! We have a call into the doctor, and I am fairly certain that he will schedule him to see a neurologist at CHoP. I think I know what is down the road for him, and I hope I am wrong.

We had a nice chat last night with some of our family, and I am sure that some of the personal problems are on their way to being way or the other. Please continue to pray.


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