November 18, 2008


The doctor told us that he is not urgent. He is probably having seizures, and he needs an EEG. They have to do it down there, so it's a repeat trip. They told me not to worry about Autism, but there are a few things it could be. One of them is (believe it or not!) severe reflux. This one is a long shot, but we are ruling it out first. I guess the pain can cause involuntary movements. If that is not what it is, then we are going to a whole book of what it could be. From Epilepsy to a brain tumor....they will be doing a lot of testing.

I got along with the doctor very well. She loves Erie, vacations here, and actually visits the Main Perk in Girard every time she's here!

Sorry I have nothing definite to report, I guess this will be a longer process for a diagnoses than I thought.



Lillian was having what myself and all of her therapists thought were seizures when she was about 10-11 months old. Not unlike the same thing you described with your little one. We were already seeing a neuro at that point for her immunization reaction so I called him and he scheduled an EEG. The EEG picked up nothing and a few weeks later it just stopped and she has not done it since. We never got an answer as to what it was or why but it is gone now. I am praying that the same thing happens for you. It sucks having to go back and forth for all that testing but the good news is that he does not think it is urgent. That is a GOOD thing. I know you were looking for answers now but if the doc does not think it is urgent then that is terrific! Keep us posted and you and your family are in my prayers.


I hope everything goes well for you guys. Thats great that you love the Dr. We went to Rainbow Babies in Cleveland to meet a Neurosurgeon, and he was rude. Sneezing without covering his mouth, coughing in the air. Didn't even look us iin the eyes to talk, but I guess he's one of the best around...go figure. Well hopefully he will just have reflux...I hope it will be that easy for you, and him. Poor Guy-I'll keep him in my prayers.

Nicole O'Dell

It's hard not having an answer, but at least you don't have an answer you didn't want. Sorry you guys have to go through this.

Prayers and hugs!

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