November 19, 2008

Get OVER it already!

I am wallowing in IT really good today.

I am sick, and I am NOT a good sick person. I HATE being sick, especially with congestion. On top of that, 4 of my 5 kids are sick, and my husband is sick. I greatly respect my husband. He earns money for our house, he's our spiritual leader, and he is a gentle father and a loving husband....but he's a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE sick man. When he's down....he's *really* down. So we have 6 sickies, 1 bouncing, happy, and oblivious 4 year old, a son that has petite mal seizures....with an undiagnosed cause, 1 rather huge wedding event in only 3 1/2 days where we will welcome yet another Mrs. P into the family, and a partridge in.....well you get my point. It's a lot, and I have congestion. Like I said....bad sick person.

It's days like to day where I need a good kick in the pants. Luckily TLC has brought us "17 and Counting" the day to day life of the Duggar family. I know many people dislike the Duggar's or think they are strange, but I HIGHLY admire Michelle Duggar. The more I watch the show the more I am striving to be like her. I find her to be an incredible role model for me. I have a large family, but she has a MASSIVE amount of responsibility....and little complaining!

I also appreciate the blogs of my cyber (and in real life) friends who bring me back to earth and make me realize how blessed I am to have so many healthy children. I know I have my blog list, but here are a few stand outs for me in this moment:

The story of Anna Gabrielle Kraft
The stories of Isaac and Asher Bolte
The story of Audrey Caroline
The story of Isaac Delisle
The story of Cooper Smith

Thank you for sharing your stories. Now I am off to drink herbal tea, chicken noodle soup, and then to stop sulking and realize that the laundry can be done even IF I can't breathe out of my nose. :)



A lot on your plate! Hope you get to feeling better soon!


Praying for all of you to get well soon!

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