November 16, 2008

I made a wish!

Before we left for church it started to snow. Peanut runs up to me with all the innocence of a child and says, "I made a wish Mommy, and it came TRUE!" She had wished for snow, and this was the result. It's beautiful.

Snow Update:
Here's a picture taken only an hour after the first!

Snow Update #3: It seems to be lightening up slightly. It is very beautiful, but I hear that the
roads are less than desirable. It's Erie's first lake effect snow storm of the winter!!! We have had snow, but not this much so far!!! Lovin' it!

Everyone got ready in record time this morning, so I actually had time to get a picture of everyone! Everyone looked so nice today for church! Bubbles even kept the vomit at bay....that is until we buckled her into her carseat. Sweet Potatoes went EVERYWHERE. Oh, well. It was a good effort. :) I think this was the triplets last week at church until spring. I need to keep everyone healthy, especially Mr. J.
Group Picture (Peanut was being a tad grouchy):

Keep Mr. J in your prayers. We had another episode this afternoon where he started shaking his arms (like tremors), so Tuesday can't come fast enough at this point. I am convinced that he
needs help. The episode today made me very worried. Unfortunately pediatric care here in Erie is extremely minimal, especially in the area of pediatric neurosurgery. I was advised to watch him carefully and to keep the appointment at CHoP. Of course, if something severe was to happen we should take him to the hospital here. He also has developed a rash, but I believe it just looks like contact dermatitis. We did use borax in our laundry this week, and that was a change out of the normal. Just remember this sweet little face in your prayers! Thank you everyone!

In the area of prayer, some specific requests:
* Complete healing for Mr. J
* Safe trip to CHoP
* Wisdom for doctors
* For my (Mrs. P) pain to subside. (I need a hysterectomy, but at this point it's secondary to Mr. J....but the endometriosis is causing horrible pain every day.) I had to cancel an appointment that I had on Tuesday so I could take Mr. J to his appointment.
* For our personal issues to resolve, it's always on my mind....being in limbo is making me so tired!
* For Mr. P's brother, and his fiancee that are going to be married on Saturday!!!!!! Mr. P, Peanut, and Roo are all involved....(maybe prayers for sanity!?!?! LOL! I have a lot going on!)

Thanks everyone!



RHAAA! Crazy week for sure! Will be thinking of and praying for you! Let us know whatever you find out.
WHat you said about pediatric neurosurgery in Erie is TRUE!! We went to Shriners to meet the Neurosurgeon there. The only one they have is an adult Neuro here in Erie who has a lot of experience with kids, but doesn't have the support here to do it. If I were you (in my experience and opinion), keep all your Neuro through CHoP and only use Erie for emergency. Chop has a lot of experience and knowledge with neuro! You're in good hands!

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