October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday (please read)

There are quite a few things I want to say today, but I want to start with some thank-you's....

#1. A woman from our church brought our family 3 cans of formula! This was not only very nice and thoughtful, but very appreciated as well. Formula is ridiculously expensive, and every bit helps! Thank you!!! I actually forgot to take them home the first week because transporting 3 babies from the nursery to the car takes up most of my thought process, but I got them this week.

#2. A co-worker of Mr. P's brought in 3 HUGE boxes of girl clothes for us. They ran from 6 months to 3T. There were a LOT of 18 month to 2T in was
amazing, and I am so so so thankful. Clothing has taken up a huge part of our budget lately.

#3. We found a sitter for a wedding that we will be attending soon. They are
actually staying home from the wedding so that they can babysit for us, and I am BEYOND grateful. When she told me she could do it I actually was in tears, because it was such a relief. They are very trustworthy, and I know them I will have no worries at all.

Prayer requests and Praise reports:
The Pumpkin is totally helmet free! He is also doing very well in physical therapy.
Miss Bubbles sonogram was negative for pyloric stenosis!! She has also almost completely stopped throwing up (this new medicine seems to be working!). This has been the BIGGEST relief that you can imagine. Now if we can get her to gain some weight......
Mr. P has had some good news at work.
Miss Peanut and Mr. Roo are doing beautifully at school.
I have not been feeling well for about a week. I have not seen a doctor yet, I am hoping it's a bug that will pass....but if it does not resolve I will need to seek help.
LMSunshine is falling behind and may need physical therapy. All kids are different, so I am hoping that's all it is. She will not crawl, or sit unassisted....all she wants to do is "talk".

Now for the last part of my post. I have been "talking" to some new, but dear
Internet friends who are starting to make me understand that Mr. P and can be our own worst enemies. I have been told (by some really good friends, who are not afraid to correct me- which I appreciate a LOT-) that we can give off an air of having it all together. We don't. LOL. I want to say, that we are OK. We are not in any crisis, but there are some things that we need help with. I am trying to learn that everyone needs help every once in a while. No one has it all together, and it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help. That said, here are some area's where we need some help:

Mr. P and I need a day out, alone. Unfortunately a lot of the next few Saturday's are taken up with wedding events, but if you could help out on a Sunday afternoon....please let me know. It would have to be on a volunteer basis, as we just don't have the funds to pay a babysitter for a date day. Our babysitting funds are already taken for this month.

Today has been our first winter travel experience. It was horrible. LOL. There are these Bundle Me sacks for convertible (toddler) car seats, that we need to invest in. I am in and out of the car with all the babies 2 times a day 6 days a week. I thought last year that these are a WANT and not a NEED, but at this point I am moving them from the want category to a need category. If anyone has a used one that they would consider donating, or selling to me...please let me know. I need 3 of them. They are very expensive, and we can't afford to buy them right now. Please note, that we need the toddler size ones, not the more popular infant ones. Here is a link to the item that I am talking about: (click below)
Bundle Me Toddler Size

Thank you everyone for all of your support, and I am very sorry if I have ever come off and not needing or wanting help. I guess I don't know how I can come off sometimes (attitude wise), I have always been stand-offish, and please be assured that I am working on it. :)



What kind of formula do you use? I have some samples sitting here that I won't be using!


What kind of formula do you use? I have some samples sitting here that I won't be using!

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