October 6, 2008

Sunday. In with a poop....out with a puke.

Yesterday was not what I would call the best day in the P household. We try to get to church by 9:30. This should not be a problem since I have the big kids to preschool everyday by 9, but when you add in Mr. messes everything up. I love him, he's a great father and provider....but he's SLOW getting ready in the morning!!! So I have everything packed and ready to go, Mr. P and I are arguing about coffee, diaper bags, and where the keys are when I hear a grunt....and I smell poop. Of course, just as we are about to leave. I know it's LMSunshine because the girl is a poop factory. I pick her up and I realize that it's not just an ordinary poop. It's one of those special poops that goes up the back, up to the hair line, and it gets EVERYWHERE. I strip her down, wash her off, and change her outfit....and we are late. ::sigh::

We get to church, the kids go to Sunday school, the babies go to the nursery, and we go to Sunday school. I would like to say I was inspired, but my mind was a million miles away. I was thinking about my warm bed at home that really needed my company. I go to check on the babies after Sunday school and before the service, and they were fine....until they saw me. Pumpkin and LMSunshine FLIPPED out until I held they came out with me and Mr. P until the singing and worship was over. I took them back to the nursery for the sermon, and I stayed with them.

We are home now, and it's the kids nap time. It's time to watch some football. Those of you who know me well know I am a football fanatic, and this has been a good year for me. I am a Buffalo Bills fan, and life has been great. I have found a new love in Trent Edwards...until yesterday. He was knocked out of the game (concussion), and we brilliant fashion. I cried. There went our perfect season.

Finally, it was bedtime. I fed and changed the babies. I had LMSunshine and Mr. Pumpkin in bed. I put Miss Bubbles on our bed to change her quickly. She was laying on her back when suddenly a FOUNTAIN of puke comes out of this tiny small child. It was all over me, her, and our bed. So I strip her down, put her in the tub, wash her up, and put her to bed. I came down stairs and changed myself and the bed. I layed down (at 8:45 pm) and slept all night long.

It was a glorious end to an other wise stinky (literally) day!


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